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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Personal Schedules & Weight Loss

Although schedules can be a pain at times, they can assist us in getting a better night's rest, in keeping our blood sugar levels in check, and in ensuring that we take in sufficient activity to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

Busy Diet Bees

All day long, the busy bee works to collect the nourishment necessary for its good health.

Achieving a healthy body takes a lot of hard work in this day and age. With so many delicious foods at hand, saying 'no' isn't so easy at times. Oh to be like the busy bee and only ingest the foods that are best for our bodies....

Why Calories Matter, Letting Loose Has Consequences in the Area of Weight Gain Risk

When enjoying a great festive party - it's vital to keep tabs on the amount of drinks you're consuming and not just for the obvious reasons (drunkenness, fuzzy senses, looking like an idiot, as well as the damage that excessive alcohol inflicts upon the body). It's also important not to overdo in the area of calories - particularly those individuals with certain health conditions and for those who are watching their weight.

Alcoholic beverages are mined with calorie content. Just a tiny bit like a Gin Fizz which contains over 100 calories. You can do so much more with those calories - such as enjoy a boiled egg, an apple, a medium banana, a serving of pinto beans, a serving of jerky, two cups of hot air popcorn - just to name a few examples.

Weight Loss In Hindsight, More Diet Tips & Advice

Have you ever reached a point in your diet when you were receiving weight loss advice from all four corners and you just wanted to rip out, " BACK OFF BUDDY!" Yes, me too! Everyone is a genius when it comes to losing weight, even those who are in need of dropping a few pounds themselves.

If so, don't be discouraged - just keep on trucking on if your weight loss plan is working for you. Wait. I think I just gave a bit of weight loss advice, didn't I?

The next time that you feel like sitting down and writing a Dear Diet letter - pause and rethink your current diet plan.

Telling your diet to get lost is a mistake that you know you'll soon regret, particularly a few weeks or months down the road when you think, " If I had stayed on my diet plan, all this unwanted weight would be gone by now. Bummers."

With this said - try to have fun while partying but don't become a party animal and go A-I-P where your weight loss plan and goals are involved.


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