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Low Calorie Chicken Recipe
Pandora's Chicken

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Remember what happened to Pandora when she opened the box? Well, neither do we. However, we do know that our low calorie recipe for Pandora's Chicken is a true winner and one that will keep you clucking all the way past the Weight Loss Finish Line. Let's get busy cooking, shall we?

A Recipe With Minimal Ingredients

Some recipes contain so many ingredients that one requires a PHD just to assemble them all. Fact is, while flavors of foods compliment one another, they can also overwhelm one another.

Recipes with minimal ingredients allow the palate to taste the star of the show - the main ingredient. And in this recipe, the chicken is the star.

To prepare this low calorie recipe you will need chicken breast that has skin and bones removed. You can opt for dark meat if you prefer the richer flavors; we're opting for the white meat as it contains less calories and fat content.

Place a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil into a deep non-stick skillet. The oil will assure that the chicken doesn't stick or over-brown. The chicken should be sliced into thin strips. Place the strips in the heated oil and cook on both sides until golden brown and tender - but be careful not to overcook the chicken as it will be tough and dry.

In a small bowl combine 1/4 cup of honey and 1/2 teaspoon of ground ginger. Stir these together to create a ginger glaze for your chicken.

You'll need a brush to apply the glaze to the chicken. While these can be purchased in the kitchen ware department at the market, a good old-fashioned new paintbrush can be used. Mine is a tiny thing that cost a dollar at the discount store and it works very well - and is easy to clean, too.Image for Low Calorie Chicken Recipe: Pandora's Chicken Article

Dip the brush into the glaze and paint it onto the chicken about half-way through the cooking process. Turn the meat over, then brush the other side. Keep a close eye on the chicken to ensure that it cooks evenly - and also to prevent over cooking.

Serve with a loaf of crusty bread, green beans which are naturally low in caloric content and your favorite rice. While brown rice adds a bit more nutrition - white rice is also very nutritious and of course, a member of the healthy Grain Group. Add one serving of reduced fat milk to the menu.

Food Group Nutrition

With bread, milk, chicken, green beans and rice at the table - almost all of the food groups are present. In fact, only one is missing. Let's do a quick head count to see which one that might be:

Grain Group: Bread, Rice

Dairy Group: Milk

Protein Group: Pandora's Chicken

Vegetable Group: Green Beans

Fruit Group: Oh my - this the one that's missing. So let's quickly fill the empty spot so we'll be enjoying a well rounded meal. Let's add 1 cup of fresh whole strawberries to our menu as a dessert as well as 15 calories of light whipped cream.


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