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Food Pyramid Guidelines
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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Daily Food Group Recommendations

Need a pattern for healthy eating?  What about healthy weight loss?  Weight maintenance?

Look no further than the official Food Pyramid Guide.  

The following chart depicts the official recommendations, based on different calorie needs.  

There are three sample diets - as not everyone requires the same number of calories per day.

*As a note, the USDA recommends that women who are pregnant or nursing require 3 servings of milk per day.  

The same applies to teenagers and young adults aged 24 and under.

Food Pyramid Food Group
Daily Recommendations

Food Groups

1,600 Calories

2,200 Calories

2,800 Calories

Grain Group

6 servings

9 servings

11 servings

Meat Group

5 ounces

6 ounces

7 ounces

Vegetable Group

3 serving

4 servings

5 servings

Fruit Group

2 servings

3 servings

4 servings

Milk Group in oz

2-3 servings*

2-3 servings*

2-3 servings*

Total Fat G Daily

53 grams

73 grams

93 grams

Tsp Sugar Daily

6 teaspoons

12 teaspoons

18 teaspoons

What are the Side Effects of Weight Loss Pills?

How does the Food Pyramid stack up against weight loss supplements?

Weight loss pills may present the following side effects.

Keep in mind that different concoctions of weight loss pills render different side effects, so these are the most common side effects:

- Decrease in sex drive.

- Vacillating moods; one moment the individual may be happy - the next, struggling to get in touch with their mood.

- Rapid pulse, rapid heartbeat. Many supplements work to speed-up the metabolism and may make the individual tremble or feel like their body is moving in fast motion. Their heart may race and they may feel like they've just ingested 100 times their caffeine tolerance.

- Digestive issues, including severe cramps and diarrhea. Some weight loss supplements cause the individual to 'spill their guts' which in turn registers a drop in pounds on the weight scales, but the weight loss is only temporary. Keep in mind that any time an individual gets diarrhea they will see a temporary drop in weight.

- Dizziness, fainting, weakness. This requires immediate medical attention.

Other side effects that may put health at risk may be exhibited so if you're taking supplements or pills for weight loss, you need to contact your doctor should you notice anything unusual about the way you feel - as well as the way you look.

If you notice bruising - contact your doctor without delay.

If you're having difficulty breathing, go to the Emergency Room and take the bottle of pills or weight loss supplement with you.

- Although rare, death may occur.

While losing unwanted weight is desirable the unfortunate thing about weight loss supplements and diet pills is that they can trigger permanent health issues. We do not recommend them and if you do decide to use them, meet with your doctor to discuss firsthand.

Almost-all the supplements and diet pills that are available over the counter have not been approved by the FDA. Herbal supplements aren't required to go through rigorous testing and almost-all over the counter pills are herb-based.

How fast can I lose weight safely?

A safe rate of weight loss is about 2 pounds per week.

Although a dieter will not typically lose 2 pounds each and every week due to weight loss plateaus, the number of pounds to be lost and the chemical make-up of the dieter, by the end of the diet the average weight loss equals about 2 pounds per week.

Losing weight safely and at an even pace helps to ensure that the weight will stay off for good.- Blood pressure issues. Blood pressure may risk to stroke levels.

In Conclusion

The Food Pyramid daily diet is built on natural foods - which is the healthiest and safest method of not only dropping unwanted pounds, but also in maintaining a healthy body.

It is also a personal adaptive plan which can be adjusted to meet the nutrition needs of the body, no matter what size you may be.


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