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Resisting Food Temptations While Dieting

Article by Diet Bites


Time to Set a New Direction for Weight Loss

When the hot buttered popcorn blows your diet off course, adjust your Diet Sails and fly higher. You'll soon see the Diet Finish Line.

If you're a Diet Bites fan, you know that Tom and I love helping lost, wounded and orphaned critters.

You can learn a lot by studying animals, particularly in the area of dieting and weight loss.

Every fall as winter grows closer, most animals fatten up for the colder weather ahead. It's a natural instinct.

The additional layer of fat helps to insulate them against the colder temperatures that lay in the winter months ahead.

When spring time comes, the weight seems to naturally fall off as the animal prepares for the hotter temperatures ahead.

Mankind wasn't brought into the world under a roof, in a room or even in a well-made barn.  Like the animals, we too may instinctively add a bit of weight for the colder months ahead.

But in today's world, with all the modern conveniences, adding padding isn't necessary. And because we aren't as active as our forefathers, the additional weight may even shorten our life span.

Many individuals do tend to appear much heavier after the holidays, but that may be an instinctive quality of mankind.

One diet tip that may really assist you in the weight loss battle is to be in tune with your natural self.

Think about the hot summer and how many times you only desire a cool salad rather than a steak and potato OR a tall glass of lemonade rather than a cup of hot coffee or tea.  

This is yet another example of our bodies alerting us to what it needs to best function.


Counting Calories for Fat Loss

The foundation of Diet Bites is motivation, counting calories, moderate exercise, and using your Willpower to conquer weight loss.  It's a sure-fire way to maintain your new slim shape. continue

D-I-E-T Questions, Suggestions, Do's & Do Not's

Some common weight maintenance questions answered, as well as suggestions, do's and do not's.  Let's have some FUN with the word D-I-E-T! continue

The Basics of Weight Maintenance

It's been an uphill climb but you did it!  You met your glorious weight loss goals!  It certainly wasn't a er....piece of cake.  In fact, you haven't even thought about cake in such a long while that you may have even forgotten how it tastes. continue

Are You Going To Be Diet Naughty This Week?

Going ape with unhealthy food choices can lead to uncomfortable & unwanted weight gain issues. continue

Do Diet Pills Melt Off Fat?

Oh my - yet another topic where the truth is unmasked!  Diet pill pushers have worked very hard to create the illusion that their products will actually rid all overweight woes. continue


Eating Can Be Addictive


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