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Weight Loss Success Story, Doctor Recommended Dieting

Article by Diet Bites


Weight Loss Success Story, Copper John

Diet Bites is proud to present a weight loss success story submitted by 'Copper John'. Learn how John turned a cop's worst enemy into a successful weight loss tool.  continue

Weight Impacted by Food Consumption More Than Activity Level

Keep in mind that food intake impacts the numbers on your weight scales more than any other factor related to dieting. 

Activity plays its most important role in keeping the body fit and works to fortify endurance. Activity level also impacts life span, as well as quality of life.

Therefore, while activity is vital to overall well being and good health, the foods and beverages that we consume are the most influencing factors on what we weigh.

Weight Loss Fact: More calories can be consumed per day than burned via activity and exercise.

Spring offers some exciting activities. Here are some of our favorites: collecting wildflowers on a hike, butterfly viewing, combing the beach for shells at daybreak, touring museums, visiting and walking through antique malls (some are huge!), and baking springtime breads - which burns calories due to all the kneading.  

Always get your doctor's thumb's up before tackling strenuous activity. Being overweight puts the body at a higher risk for health issues, including injury - and you don't want to kill yourself trying to get healthy.

How to determine your body frame size using a simple technique explained in this Diet Article.

Let's get real.  Our first words as infants weren't 'mama' or 'daddy' or even 'boogie man'. They were, 'Small, medium and large.'  

Although the experts say that size doesn't count, everyone knows that it really does.  Sometimes it takes a simple thinker to see things clearly. Brilliance has a way of blinding one's thoughts every now and then, such as in the case of 'size really does matter'. continue

Doctor Recommended Dieting

"IT" happened.  And you had sensed 'it' from the moment you had entered the pungent-smelling waiting room at the doctor's office - even as you settled in for the three hour wait to see 'His Medical Highness'. continue

Who Killed the Living Girdle?

Jane Russell - what a woman!  Beautiful,  famous celebrity, and girdle owner.

Of course, that was totally fine back in the good old days when women enjoyed being girdled. Which brings us to that throbbing question... Just who killed the living girdle? continue


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