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One Food Elimination Won't Eliminate Weight

Written by Diet Bites


Pondering the Craziness Surrounding Fat Loss

We've all heard it - it's been around for years now.  "If you will eliminate just one stick of gum a day from your diet, you will lose 3 pounds in one year!' (or just one cookie, one soda, etc...)

My, how enthralling.  Do you actually know anyone who has eliminated one food item from their daily diet and has experienced successful weight loss?  Surmountable weight loss? We sure don't.

Eliminating one food (or drink) item from your daily diet just doesn't add up in the overall scheme of daily dieting.

 'Budget Dieting' may surrender one item, but the dieter will generally succumb to other calories to fill the void.  It's guess work, at best.

Most individuals - whether at ideal weight or over weight - remain pretty steady on the scales.  Weight is gradually gained, and yes, sometimes gradually lost - but it takes more than sacrificing a package of gum per day to do the trick.

Some weight loss tips that will actually tip the scales in your favor include:

Keeping your diet plan on track with the dieting basics.Rather than sacrificing, try rewarding yourself!  Kick out the unhealthy, 'currently welcomed' foods in your daily diet and invite some new guys over to stay - such as fresh fruit and veggies.  Talk about fresh - woo hoo!

Keeping your diet plan on track with the dieting basics.If you're contemplating Budget Dieting, think about removing calories from your daily diet rather than food or beverage or chewing items.

Keeping your diet plan on track with the dieting basics.Hide from Fried and Lean on Lean.  You'll get to your goal weight much sooner than skipping that pack of gum.

Diet Fire Salts, Flavored Salts

Take your diet to a new level - Hot!


Seasoned salts are part of the new Diet Wave. Our pick is a new salt put out by Morton's called Hot Salt.

This  zippy hot salt will add fire to your smoldering diet and ignite it with new life.

The good news:  Salt contains zero calories.

More good news:  It only takes a bit of salt to flavor an entire dish of food.

Salt can make or break a recipe.  

Too much and you've suddenly got a formula for water weight retention, kidney underload and a negative effect on the heart. So just a bit will do - unless you're on a sodium restricted diet, of course.

hot salt in the dietThe bad Diet News: Salt is a sodium keg.

Try adding hot salts to the following foods for an added zip: hot popcorn, vegetables, sauces, dips, soups, stews and meats.

Besides the new hot salt, there are also other varieties of salt at your market that can assist you with weight loss. If you are on a sodium restricted diet, see if your doctor will approve the low sodium salts before using in your diet plan.

The new hot salt also makes a nice salad buddy, turning wilt into zilt!


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