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Tea Bread Recipe

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Grab your kicky apron embossed with the gingham dog and the calico cat and don't forget your rolling pin.

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Tea Bread Recipe Prepared With Real Tea

Tea is such a healthy beverage - and the tea with the most benefits is white tea which is the fragile buds and young tea leaves. We'll make use of white tea in our delicious Tea Bread recipe.

We use a very tiny - or a miniature loaf pan. Caloric values are so low that you can enjoy half a pan of the tea bread recipe as your sweet treat. The use of flour gives us nutritional value from the Grain Group.

You can add an egg to the recipe but we did not, wanting to keep the cholesterol factor at bay.

To begin, prepare one-half cup of white tea steeping it in boiling water for about five minutes. Set to one side and allow to come to room temperature. We will be adding this liquid to our bread recipe.

The Recipe Ingredients

You will also need the following recipe ingredients:

1/2 cup of white all-purpose flour
1/4 cup of applesauce (sweetened or unsweetened work great) OR you can opt for mashed banana over the applesauce if you wish - or finely chopped apples, pears, apricots, dates, mango, peaches, strawberries or pineapple.

You will also need one teaspoon of ground cinnamon, a good dash of vanilla extract.

You may wish to add additional sweetness, so do such in the form of sugar substitute to keep calories in check, or a bit of white granulated sugar or brown sugar.

Add the white tea to the flour mixture and stir into a smooth batter. You're ready to bake the bread.

A preheated 350 degree oven will do just fine or you can use a microwave-safe dish and prepare in the microwave.

Spray the cooking utensil with cooking spray before transferring the batter. Bake until center of bread tests positive for doneness.


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