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Fake Sugar

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Pink Pack, Yellow Pack, Blue Pack, White Pack

Fake Sugar: Pink, Yellow, Blue or White Packs?

If you are looking to drop unwanted pounds,the weight loss solution may lie in a simple color choice.

Here is some sweet diet information that may help you in weighing the color differences.

White Sugar Calories

Those white packets hold pure cane sugar.  Although granulated sugar contains a scant 15 calories (4 carb grams) per TEASPOON, a teaspoon doesn't always go a long way, particularly if you're equipped with a larger than life sweet tooth.

An eight ounce soda with sugar weighs in at about 140 calories.

Two spoons of sugar in that coffee or tea, plus milk or cream, makes the beverage worth about 65 calories.  

Enjoy 3 of these babies a day and you've spent enough calories to buy a brand new sandwich, which would have been eons more filling than the liquid.

Nutrasweet, Blue Packets

Equal, Nutrasweet - just a couple of names that aspartame goes under.

These type sweeteners contain zero calories and are a close ringer for real sugar.

However, they don't hold up to heat well so it may take more for those drinks that are hot; for baking needs, use Splenda instead.

Splenda, Yellow Packets

Our favorite sweetener substitute. Splenda is made from real sugar but the calories are not absorbed in the body. Splenda is a bit pricey, but a big bag goes a very long way.

Splenda is a dead ringer for real sugar, can be used for baking, and comes in packets and also loose to suit your cooking OR on-the-go needs.

Sweet n Low, Pink Packets

These pink packets contain an aftertaste that some people may notice, but they've been around for over forty years now. A key ingredient is saccharin which is over 300 times sweeter than real sugar. Talk about sweet! Are You Fat?


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