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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Good Doesn't Have to Be Perfect

Let's look in on two dieters who are just starting their diet plan.

The dieters are lined up, ready to fly out of the chute at the sound of buzzer.

BUZZ - they're off!

Dieter Nan is moving forward like all get-out.  Look at those legs work!  She's going forward so perfectly in her lane that her knees are practically touching her chest.

Dieter Jane is a mirror of Nan. See Jane.  See Jane go. Go Jane go!  See Jane run.  Run Jane, run!

Oh no - the big test. A Diet Story.

The Feasting Table is blocking the lanes for our two little questers and they must first stop and be tested before continuing with the race.

Nan is wondrous, passing up the chocolate covered ultra heavy, ultra fat cheesecake. Oh wow! She's also passing up the plate of sliced apples and sliced cheese. What's this? Nan is reaching for the hard rice cake. Whoops! So hard that she broke a fuschia-colored nail on the object.  

Dieter Nan struggles to chew the rice cake and appears to be gagging. Smartly, she picks up the spring water and washes it down. Well, almost. She's choking again.

Jane has also reached the Feasting Table and has made her choice. Not the high calorie cheesecake and not the dry rice cake. Jane is going for the apples and cheese. See Jane nibble at the lay out! Go Jane go!

What's this? Nan has left the Feasting Table and is loping down the lane. Oh my, she's got a good jumpstart on Jane.  

But Jane is too engrossed in her apples and cheese to notice.

Jane wipes her lips, takes a few swigs of the spring water and she's off and running up the lane.  Go Jane go!

Where's Nan?  What?  Oh no, Nan has stumbled and is crouched over in the lane.

Jane sails by, tossing Nan a kiss in the process and a tube of strong glue so that the woman can repair that damaged nail.

Jane crosses the Finish Line!  It's a solid win for Jane!

What's this? Oh no!! Nan is crawling back to the Feasting Table. She's now eyeing the lovely but deadly cheesecake.

Oh, it's just too painful to watch.

Moral of the Race: Don't go cold turkey on your plan or you may turn into a Diet Turkey. Sometimes, seeking perfection and being too perfect equals a dead plan.

Jane was wise in choosing the healthy fruit and cheese.  

Cheese is one food that may dieters avoid because it's considered taboo.  However, cheese fulfills many dietary obligations and is part of the official Food Pyramid.

Good luck on your quest to lose!  We're counting on you to win the race!  

We hope that you'll find safe harbor in our weight loss and motivational articles.


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