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Did Dieting Make You Fat?
It's Highly Likely

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Can Dieting Make You Fatter? You Bet....

Ten years ago, Jane ventured onto a diet plan because she needed to ditch ten unwanted pounds.

Twenty-two diets later, Jane has advanced to a seventy-five pound unwanted weight gain.  

Did dieting make Jane fat?  Let's see....

When Jane went on her first diet plan, she was very serious about losing weight.  She was a stickler when it came to eating exactly what was on her diet plan.  

She exercised and huffed and puffed until she blew that Diet Fat-house down! She rocked.

Shortly afterwards, Jane sadly picked back up the ten pounds she had lost, but thought, 'Hey - it was a cinch losing it, so no big deal. I'll enjoy myself and just lose it again in no time!'

So Jane got back on a diet plan and she lost five pounds.

But she was tired of monitoring her diet, and because she knew that she could easily ditch the unwanted weight anytime that she wanted to, Jane relaxed and ate as she pleased.

Dieting is Indeed, Stressful

She found that it was just too stressful to diet at this point in her life.

At Jane's next weigh-in, she discovered that she had not only regained that five pounds, but also ten additional pounds.

Now she was in need of dropping fifteen pounds. 'How the heck did this happen?', she thought.

Back on the diet and Jane drops those fifteen pounds in a flash!

But after the diet ends, Jane packs on twenty pounds.

Unfortunately, that was the last diet in which Jane was able to meet her weight loss goals. From here on out, Jane would lose ten pounds and gain fifteen; lose five and gain twenty - and so forth.

So yes, it's practical to think that Jane got overweight by dieting.

Perhaps Jane would have faired better if she would have used techniques other than a 'diet per say', such as exercising, or modifying her existing diet.  

Weight Maintenance Plan Vital To Keeping Weight Off

She could have also used a good maintenance plan that would assist in managing her thinner size - to ensure that she remained on track and that she never made the mistake of regaining the fat that one works so hard, so diligently to lose.

Nonetheless, this story demonstrates that whenever we diet, we must exercise good sense and caution so that we don't regain NOT ONLY the weight that we lost, but additional unwanted weight.


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