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Exercises That You Can Do At Your Desk

Written by Diet Bites


Exercising Discreetly at Work

Office jobs can be so stressful. First, there's the boss person that has to be pleased, and it's so hard to please Godzilla.

You may arrive a few minutes late and the entire office is aware of it, but if you stay late for an extra 20 minutes, it's expected and no one makes a big deal over it. Yes, office jobs can be so stressful. ~ Sky

Desk jobs aren't always the piece of cake jobs that most people assume they are.  Sitting all day with your legs cramped is very hard on your body.  

Most office workers end up eating at their desk, answering the phone while at lunch, which is like adding an extra hour to their day.

The best thing that you can do for yourself as well as for your boss, is to take a couple of 15 minute breaks throughout the day.  It will give your body time to recharge.  

Walk a bit, go get something to drink - and move!  

Here are a few exercises that you can do throughout your day that may help relieve stress, uncramp your legs and tone.

1. Calf Stretch

Remove your shoes and place your feet flat on the floor with your knees slightly apart. Bring your toes up towards the front of your legs while keeping your heels on the floor.  This will help iron kinks out of your calves.

2. Body Lift

Place your hands on the arms of your chair and lift yourself up slightly. Repeat.

3. Buns on the Run

Tighten your buns together and hold, then release.

4. Straight & Narrow

Sit up straight in your chair.  Take note of how you sit throughout the day.  If you're slumping a lot, try to practice correcting your posture. Good posture makes one look thinner.

5. Arch

While sitting up arrow straight, bring your lower tummy towards forward until you feel your back arch.

Next, reverse the motion.  This will help relieve back pressure.


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