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Eggs in Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Eggs are one of the most fascinating foods on earth.

I was always hypnotized as a child whenever a Tarzan and Jane movie were on television. I was so impressed with Jane when she'd whip up those giant ostrich eggs. I never knew that ostriches lived in the jungle, just like lions...

As an animal lover, my better half and I wish that all the eggs at the market were produced from free roaming hens.

If you get  a choice in the matter, the free roaming, cage free hen eggs are much tastier because they come from happy chickens who aren't stressed.  

Of course, that's a matter of opinion...

One thing that you won't find at your local market are cartons of ostrich eggs. Too bad, because all the carbohydrate restricted dieters would be in Egg Heaven.

A few egg options at your market include the brown eggs, which cost a tab more than the white eggs.

Brown eggs have a richer taste and the yolk tends to be a bit darker than the yolk found in white eggs. Both brown eggs and white eggs contain about the same number of calories:  

Calories in Eggs

Based on one large egg unless noted.

One, 76 kcals
Egg White - 17
Egg Yolk -  59
Frozen Egg Substitute -  25
Liquid Egg Substitute - About 60
Fried (using oil or butter) - About 95
Hard Boiled, 76
Poached, 76
Raw, 76
Scrambled (using oil or butter) - 100
Large Duck Egg, 155 kcals
Caviar, 45 per Tablespoon
Dried Eggs - 1/4 Cup Contains about 125 kcals
Goose Eggs - 1 Large Egg About 225 kcals
Quail Eggs - 1 Egg Contains About 15 kcals

A good way to slash kcals - as well as cholesterol is to use egg substitute.  These also work well in recipes. 

Cholesterol Concerns

If you are watching cholesterol, check out the egg substitutes found in the dairy case which contain about 25 calories per serving.

These are wonderful for whipping up quiches in a hurry.

My husband and I generally take one carton of egg substitute, add a cup of white skim grated cheese, a few sliced  mushrooms, about 1/2 cup of skim, a dash of salt and pepper, then we pour the mixture into a pie shell and bake at 350 degrees until done.

Fascinating Egg Facts

The coo-coo bird isn't as coo-coo as some might believe. It lays its eggs in a nest where another mother bird has already laid her eggs.  

The coo-coo then flies away to freedom, letting the owner of the nest do all the child-rearing work for her.  Talk about slackers.

Egg Tips

- 2 whites to 1 yolk slashes calories and cholesterol

- boiled eggs - use whites in salads, tops of soups

Skinny Egg Recipe

- Stuff a toasted submarine bun with the following egg salad mix: 1 egg, 2 egg whites - boiled and chopped; bit of pickle relish, dash of mustard, salt, pepper and dash of celery seed. Add 1 Tablespoon of LITE Mayo.

Before adding egg salad to bun, toast the bun by spraying it with no calorie butter spray and place it non-stick pan until golden brown.  Allow to cool before adding low calorie egg salad.


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