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Caffeine for Weight Loss

Written by Diet Bites


Will Caffeine Promote Weight Loss OR Help With Losing Weight Faster?

If so, how much weight loss and how fast?

Because caffeine is a stimulate it acts as a diuretic by 'stimulating' the amount of urine expelled from the body (it dehydrates).  

Water weighs heavily, but any weight loss can be attributed to water weight rather than fat.  In addition, any minimal weight loss is not permanent.

It's also a mild drug due to its stimulating properties and can be found in the following familiar foods: coffee, tea and sodas.

Here are some other interesting facts about this drug, weight loss and health:

A handful of studies on caffeine in the diet indicate that individuals who eat a low fat diet and exercise may experience a slight enhancement in weight loss.

But so will a low fat diet combined with exercise without caffeine. Overall, there was no indication of significant loss of body fat through caffeine consumption.

Side Effects, Including Health Benefits of Foods Containing Caffeine

Diet Bites, weight loss, dieting, diet, free diet menusIt may in fact cause weight gain in the form of heavily sugared and creamed coffees.

Diet Bites, weight loss, dieting, diet, free diet menus1 cup of caffeine coffee contains about 125 mg of caffeine per serving. When consumed within an hour after meal time, caffeine can cut iron absorption by 40% which isn't great news for many women who are often deficient in iron.

Diet Bites, weight loss, dieting, diet, free diet menus1 cup of tea contains about 50 mg of caffeine - about half as much as coffee.


Diet Bites, weight loss, dieting, diet, free diet menusOver 300 mg of caffeine generally raises the heart rate and makes the heart beat faster thus increasing blood pressure. This can pose significant risks to those with certain health conditions, including hidden conditions.

Diet Bites, weight loss, dieting, diet, free diet menusCaffeine raises metabolism.

Diet Bites, weight loss, dieting, diet, free diet menusIt may suppress appetite for short periods of time.

Diet Bites, weight loss, dieting, diet, free diet menus It may affect insulin and blood sugar levels.

Diet Bites, weight loss, dieting, diet, free diet menusIt may spawn irritability, headaches, diarrhea, frequent urination and nervousness.  Caffeine may also upset the tummy and aggravate ulcers.

Diet Bites, weight loss, dieting, diet, free diet menusIt may affect sleeping pattern.  Ever had a midnight coffee and tried to sleep right afterwards?  They don't call it midnight coffee for nothing.

Diet Bites, weight loss, dieting, diet, free diet menusCoffees, teas and sodas that contain caffeine contribute to a dim smile.

In Summary

Take note that we're putting a drug into our body where this topic is concerned. Although many studies have been conducted as to the effectiveness as well as the negative impact on the body regarding caffeine, much is still to be learned. Therefore, avoid products that contain substantial amounts - such as those which are sold to boost energy levels or keep you awake. These products may cause damage to the body, particularly to the heart.


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