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The Pregnancy Diet

Written by Diet Bites


Foods To Avoid While Pregnant

Fast food, sweet and fattening desserts and caffeine - just a few things that the mother-to-be may wish to avoid while on the Pregnancy Diet, a diet whose purpose focuses on the health of not only the mom, but the baby as well.

A healthy diet will give your baby the precious gift of health itself!

More things that you can do to ensure a healthier baby:


- Recent studies indicate that many expectant mothers aren't getting a healthy dose of exercise these days. Be sure and get with your doctor for your personal fitness recommendations if you are expecting.


- Don't smoke during pregnancy, or when nursing.

Healthy Diet Rather Than Restricted

- Focus on a healthy diet rather than on a restricted calorie diet plan. Pregnancy OR nursing isn't the time for strict dieting.

Balance Activity With Relaxation

- Keep in mind that relaxation plays a big role in overall heath and help to cut the stress.

Healthy Daily Diet

The Pregnancy Diet also promotes a healthy daily dose of vegetables, fish over red meat, avoidance of foods that may trigger headaches and allergies, as well as 'fake' sugars and fats.

If you are expecting, or if you are a nursing mom, be sure to get with your doctor for dieting recommendations.

Example of a healthy diet for pregnant moms based on 2,000 calories:

Breakfast Menu

1 hard-boiled egg
1 whole grain English muffin
1 thin slice of sodium-reduced extra lean deli ham
1 serving of milk


Mid-Morning Snack: 1 fresh banana

Lunch Menu

A serving of vegetable soup and a sandwich prepared with whole grain bread, lean meat, reduced fat cheese, lettuce, tomato and a smear of mustard. A serving of reduced fat cottage cheese. One serving of milk.

Mid-Afternoon Snack: 1 fresh pear

Dinner Menu

Tacos prepared with extra lean ground beef. Stuff corn shells with prepared seasoned beef, a salad mix of chopped onion, tomato and lettuce.

Top with shredded reduced fat cheese if desired as well as your favorite salsa. Also include 1/2 cup of pinto beans and your favorite beverage.

Bedtime Snack: 1/2 cup of frozen strawberries blended with milk.

A Healthy Eating Plan Based on the Food Pyramid

Pregnant and lactating moms should take special care to enjoy three well-rounded meals per day, including three snacks to keep blood sugar levels in balance.

While the post-pregnant mom is generally intent on getting back her pre-pregnant figure, aggressive dieting can put her good health at risk.

Embracing a daily diet that contains the amount of calories necessary to support her goal weight is one method of weight loss that is safer than a severely restricted calorie daily diet which also contains aggressive exercise and activity.

However, post-natal women will require more calories to support the needs of the baby when the mother is nursing, as well as more calories to assist the body in the recovery phase of birthing.

Generally, the body requires about six months to return to its normal, pre-pregnancy state.


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