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Why Diets Fail Us

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Tools that can assist with losing weight safely.

A carpenter would not even think about building a house without a chest of tools - nor would a sailor think about traveling the seas without a reliable and trustworthy vessel.

Yet every day, individuals embark on a journey to weight loss having no plan in place.

When Weight Loss Desire Wanes

While it sounds like a great idea to reduce the calories in the current daily diet in order to lose weight, by the time that first meal arrives, the excitement that the dieter experiences in regards to losing weight suddenly fizzles.

Paltry Meal Plates Often the Reason for Failed Diet Due to Hunger Pain

The meal plate generally looks pretty poor - particularly the first one in the diet.

It may contain tuna, a boiled egg, some dry toast, celery sticks, carrots, cucumbers, a radish for a splash of color and a lone green olive.

Shortly following the meal, the dieter's tummy rumbles - raging with hunger and demanding something more.

The dieter tries their best to ignore the pain but it is uncomfortable. In fact, when we experience those gnawing hunger pains, it's difficult to focus on anything substantial.

Insufficient Diet Triggers Food Cravings, Binge

Visions of cheeseburgers, pepperoni pizzas and chicken and dumplings float in our heads along with an image of that handsome television actor that we admired last night when we watched.

What oh what can ease that gurgling, grumbling pain and allow us to continue our day without having continual thoughts of food?

We don't mind thinking about that handsome actor....

What do we need to remedy the situation? Tools. We need tools.

Tools That Render Healthy Results

Just like the sailor who needs a sailing vessel or the carpenter who requires a chest of tools, we need tools when we set out on a weight loss plan.

These tools will assist the dieter in meal planning, in calculating the calories contained in the foods - in setting a goal weight so that we have a number to work towards as we lose weight.

We may also require tools for activity - such as a sturdy pair of walking shoes or a couple of small hand weights.

And we may need a lot of reinforcement in the way of motivation because when we're living on a restricted daily diet, it's so easy to become frustrated and get off our weight loss plan.

Here is where Diet Bites enters the plan.

We have a large chest of dieting articles and weight loss tips that can have you sailing the Diet Seas quite smoothly.


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