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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Low Calorie Carrot Recipe

Tired of boring vegetables in your diet plan? Then it's time for a veggie makeover!  

Try our low calorie, low fat recipe for Diet Carrots Down Under that will have you really diggin' your diet again!

Recipe for Diet Carrots Down Under

The Ingredient List

1 Large Carrot
1 Small Potato
1 Egg White
Salt, Pepper to Suit Personal Taste

How to Prepare This Recipe

Peel 1 large carrot and 1 small potato and shred each.  Add salt, pepper and one egg white.  Mix in bowl.

The egg white will help bond the root vegetables together so that they don't separate while cooking.  

The white of an egg contains a tiny 17 calories and zero cholesterol milligrams, so it's a very diet wise and diet friendly ingredient.

Next, spray a non stick skillet with no calorie butter flavored cooking spray.

Once the pan is warm, carefully transfer the potato and carrot mix.  

Allow the root mixture to cook until golden brown on one side, then carefully flip.

Recipe Suggestions

Experiment by adding spices that you like to the Diet Carrots Down Under recipe. A mix of golden and dark raisins adds a tropical twist to the recipe.

Another version is the addition of shredded apples to the root mixture.

The entire recipe contains about 150 calories so enjoy without guilt!

Roasted Carrots

The Ingredient List

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt & Cracked Black Pepper

Rub the cleaned, peeled carrots with the olive oil. Arrange them on a baking pan and sprinkle with salt and pepper as desired.

Roast in your toaster oven at 350 degrees until the carrots are tender. The roasting time will depend upon the size of the carrots.


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