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Fall Dieting Tips

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Autumn Tips for Losing Weight

Come, sit up in the treehouse with us and overlook the vivid autumn colors that come and fade so swiftly.  

We have so much to talk about - as holidays loom in our near future, as well as a new year. Have you got your low fat latte' in hand? Good! Let's chat....

With the holidays clicking at our heels, we need to prepare NOW for what lies ahead to prevent diet damage.

Although the holidays officially transpire on two or three days, most of us spend the entire months of October through December celebrating. So keep that thought in mind as we move forward...

Fall Foods From the Fresh Harvest

During the fall months, fall into some different taste trends. Experiment with winter squash which begins to make an appearance in early fall.  

We especially love acorn squash and butternut squash. Apples also make a luscious, healthy fall treat, as does Pumpkin Soup which may be enjoyed either cold or hot.  Try roasting a few chestnuts over your first campfire of the season.  Chestnuts are ultra low in calories.

A few things that Tom and I adore about fall are: we are greeted by Mother Nature with cooler temperatures, bright explosive colors in foliage, and sharper night skies.

Enjoying the Fall Weather While Increasing Your Level of Fitness

It's the most wonderful time of year for one to interact with nature.

Animals are busy, scurrying about in preparation for winter, birds are migrating south to warmer plains, and we humans are batting down the hatches to snug-in for the colder months that lie ahead.  It's the best time of year to get out and experience nature.

Be sure and take the kids along for a journey they will never forget!  Autumn hikes rock!

Enjoy autumn, enjoy your healthier eating plan and keep the motivation to continue to get healthier as each day passes; don't goof it up and let today's opportunity pass you by because we can never redo a yesterday.

Remember how you were younger and attended school? It seemed that you would never get through the process at times, didn't it? And it was such hard work - so much to learn, so much stress at times combined with peer pressure and parental pressure.

But all of a sudden you were getting that diploma. You had accomplished the goals that had been established and you had met them.

Such is the way with losing the fat; it's difficult while you're attempting to do such - but at some point, if you remain on track with your eating plan, you will reach your fitness goals. You won't receive a diploma for accomplishing such, but that inner glow will do just fine!


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