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Signs of Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Toast Those Fat Days Goodbye Forever

Diets come and diets go but one thing is for certain; if you have tried time and time again to drop those extra pounds that are constantly weighing you down - you can wipe the slate clean ANYTIME of the year and start anew.

It's never too late to get healthier or to lose those unwanted pounds.

Here are a few tips that can assist as you begin your new diet plan...

Weighing Tips

Weighing is an option.

If you feel that you have gained so much weight that the numbers on your bath scales might be frustrating or even depressing - so much so that they dampen your excitement over your weight loss plans, then refrain from stepping on the scales.

Signs of Weight Loss

There are other methods which are quite effective in letting you know how much weight you have lost. Any of the following are excellent signs:

- looser shirt collars as well as looser belts, pants and skirts

- bracelets, rings and necklaces should suddenly find new room where they once fit tightly

- underwear should be less binding, including shorts, women's briefs and bras

- shoes may have more room in them that before you started your diet

About Meal Planning When Dieting

You'll quickly discover that your favorite section at the food market is the produce section.

Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits - these are the types of foods that you can enjoy more of because they are in their raw, natural - native state, thus contain the minimal of calories.

All the fruits and vegetables that are located within this section of the market are considered super foods.

You can build entire menus around these foods, adding servings of grains, proteins and dairy as you cook.

Diet Menu Based on Healthy Vegetables

For example, let's view a menu that is based on the produce section at the market:

1 Cup of Cooked Pinto Beans (110 calories)

1 Small Potato, sliced with the skin left on and cooked in a non-stick pan with zero calorie cooking spray (about 120 calories)

A side salad of lettuce, chopped tomato and sliced cucumber (about 50 calories) and you can add a serving of low fat salad dressing to the salad.

To this meal, add a slice of whole grain bread or a wedge of fresh cornbread. Also add one cup of low fat or skim milk.

Building your diet menus around natural foods equals natural weight loss as well as healthy results.

About Exercise & Activity

What do you like to do where activity is concerned? Whatever that something is - stick to it and be sure that it's something that you will keep doing as time goes by.

Adding exercise to your diet will quicken weight loss as well as strengthen and tone the body.


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