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Stressful Weight Gain

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

New Diet Can Be Difficult as Well as Stressful

Rarely is a diet a simple undertaking, and the more weight a dieter has to lose, the more difficult the diet process.

If you're planning on a new diet, we strongly recommend that you gather up all the information that you can that fits into YOUR Diet Puzzle.

Determine your calorie needs, and the amount of servings that your body requires from the Food Groups.

Choose your activities wisely and choose activities that you know you'll want to continue throughout your life.

And once you start your diet, keep up the good work and follow through until you have reached all your weight loss goals.

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Not Everyone Should Diet

Can anyone go on a diet? A calorie-reduced plan for weight loss?

There are times when certain health conditions exist in which the individual must be closely monitored by a professional, particularly the individual's daily diet.

The following individuals are likely to increase health risks and complications by dieting and should always seek their doctor's assistance for such.

Pregnant, Lactating Females

These individuals will require a special doctor-approved, doctor-prescribed daily eating plan which includes specific amounts of vitamins and minerals, more of which may be required during these special and rather delicate times in the life of a woman.

Seniors, Elderly Individuals & Restricted Eating Plans

Nutritional needs can be difficult to ascertain as we flow into our Golden Years and diets amid this phase require the monitoring of a professional.

Children & Teens

These individuals require a specified diet to meet nutritional needs related to maturity and growth. Any child or teen in need of losing weight should only do such under the strict guidance of a professional.

State of Health, Illness & Disease

Individuals with existing health issues such as cancer, respiratory issues, diabetes and heart disease.


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