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Dieting - Knowledge Questions
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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Dieting is confusing - packed with unsettling questions such as: How much do I really need to weigh?  How much can I eat each day on my diet plan?  What types of food do I need to eat each day for optimum health?  How long will it take me to lose all this weight?

Can I still enjoy all my favorite foods on my diet plan?  Which diet plan is best?

Your doctor or nutritionist can stomp out most of these questions in a flash, but in my experience, most individuals don't touch base with their doctor before embarking on a diet plan.  Even if you plan that doctor visit, the following may be of use when you launch out into the Diet Sea.  

We have detailed some areas that you should research before taking on a particular diet or weight loss plan.  Remember: "Don't remit until you are ready to commit" to any weight loss plan or diet program.


There are two types of questions to be on the lookout for: Opinion Questions and Knowledge Questions.  Let's use our questions from above to see if we can sort out the distinct difference.  The questions that have been marked with hearts are Knowledge Questions. The diamonds are Opinion Questions.


Your perfect weight, how much you should eat, the length of time that it will take you to lose the weight, and the 'best diet plan' are all Opinion Questions. Without a thorough evaluation from a qualified professional (yes, some really are unqualified), it is impossible to target a 'perfect weight'.  In fact, your perfect weight may actually be a range of numbers such as 145 pounds to 156 pounds.

If you ae looking at a diet plan that states your perfect weight, try to determine why the diet is offering this information. What are they basing the numbers on? Do they target a batch of numbers or single one out? Do they allow for age? Frame size?

As for the amount of food that one can eat while dieting - stop and think about this for a moment.  Again, this is an Opinion Question. We are all different.

Each of us have different nutritional demands. A diet that offers tiered recommendations might be more in tune with the dieter's needs than a plan that defines 'X' amount of food for ALL dieters per day.  Again, what has the author of the diet based the information on? Pay particular attention whenever 'food combining' is touted as part of the weight loss plan.

The length of time to lose weight is an obvious Opinion Question, as is 'the best diet plan'.


Diet Bites - free weight loss tips.What types of food do I need to eat each day for optimum health?  This is a question that you should ask yourself before going on any diet plan.

Compare the Food Pyramid to the diet plan that you are considering going on.  If the food groups listed on the diet plan greatly differ from the Food Pyramid, consider another diet plan.

Diet Bites - free weight loss tips.Can I still enjoy all my favorite foods on my diet plan?

Another example of a Knowledge Question that is easy to determine.

In Summary

Generally, with all diet plans, there is an overview either at the beginning of the diet, the weight loss book that contains the plan, or at the website offering the weight reduction plan.

Review the information carefully.  As you review, see if you can pick out the Knowledge Questions and the Opinion Questions.  The more Knowledge Questions that you find, generally it's a better plan for weight loss.

There are a lot of great diets both online and offline these days. Do your homework - and get the right answers to your questions.  You'll definitely want an 'A' on this one!


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