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Diet Indian Bread Recipe

A delicious quick bread recipe that dates back far into the past....continue

Peach Flatbread Recipe

A wholesome, delicious bread that is low in calories and fat content & will fit perfectly in your diet at breakfast or anytime! continue

Diet Pita Pocket Bread Recipe

Diet bread is a wonderful food that may be of benefit to your weight loss plan as some slices contain as few as 35 calories while still falling within the acceptable taste range. continue

No Bake Recipes

Recipes for Diet Balls to tingle your taste buds & lift your spirits!  We've made them ultra easy as they require NO BAKING! continue

Dieting - I'm a Raisin Not a Plum

Drying fruits and vegetables for your diet plan.

A food dehydrator can be a wise investment for anyone who is dieting.

Slice a few bananas, place them into the dehydrator and a few hours later, you've got a Diet Treat that's fit for a king AND a Diet Treat that doesn't taste like a diet snack at all!

If you are on a carb restricted diet, a food processor can render delicious, tender, lean jerky at a fraction of the cost of those tiny packets of jerky at your neighborhood market.

Food dehydrators are also great for vegetables which can be popped into soups at a later date OR enjoyed on a camping trip.

Apple rings are another food that dry exceptionally well in a food dehydrator.

The dried rings can be sprinkled with cinnamon and Splenda or dipped in yogurt for a healthy diet wise treat.

So don't let your diet plan dry up!  Dry up some healthy treats instead. You'll even save a little money in the er....process.

Exercise Ball for Weight Loss

How using an exercise ball can assist with weight loss results. continue


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