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Serious About Losing Weight

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Getting Serious About Losing the Belly Fat

Have you ever cried because of your weight? I have.  

Thirty minutes later those disturbing thoughts of being overweight were completely out of my mind as I slowly munched on a bag of hot buttered popcorn.

Have you ever laughed about your weight? I have.  

Personal Former Fat Mom Story

One memory that I can quickly recall is a roller skating adventure with my preteen boys.  

Fat mom (former me), although a great skater in my heyday, took a fall when a mean monster of a child tossed a penny on the rink's floor in front of me. I think the building shook when I fell.

Five feet by five feet of groping mass with a horrified look attached to my face. I still remember my youngest son wheeling up to me and saying, "Mom!  Get up! Please get up!"  Poor kid was embarrassed because he thought everyone there knew that I was his mom....his FAT mom.

So I rocked and tried to stand - again and again in those wobbly skates, and then I began to laugh so hard about the situation that I started to laugh and cry - on the skating rink floor at that - while a herd of young kids and skinny moms whirled past me.

Embarrassed About Body Size Due to Fat

Have you ever been embarrassed about your weight? I have.

Particularly when frequenting those "all you can eat" buffets with a handsome thin man in line behind me.

Frightened About Health Concerns Due to Obesity

Have you ever been scared about your weight?  I have.

Several times my face and hands went numb when I was overweight. I thought I was having a stroke and I was barely in my 30's.

Angry About Weight Gain

Have you ever been angry about your weight?  Yeah, me too.

But you know what? I went on this diet and after a few months, I knew at the beginning of the diet that I wasn't going to fail.

Winning the Weight Loss Battle, Success is Sweet

I knew at the beginning of the diet that I was already thin on the inside; my body just needed time to get there too.

And so as time passed, I began to take shape.  I actually had a neck, knees and shoulder blades. I actually could see my toes again.  And I actually stopped having all of those haunting questions about my weight going around in my head all of the time.

If you relate to this article, then it's time to get serious about losing that excess fat.  

You can do this! Diet Bites is here to motivate you, and to help you achieve your weight loss goals. We want that so much for you and for all our wonderful readers. That's why we're here, twenty four/seven.


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