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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Good Diet Cook

Dieter Ann was a genius when it came to Diet Cookery. Ann wasn't always so savvy in the kitchen, however. This diet article is a before and after flash photo of our Dieter Ann.

Before Ann was a Good Diet Cook

Ann was preparing hot dogs for the party she was giving for three of her closest friends. She purchased the largest franks that she could find - the meatiest, plumpest ones.

She searched the aisles at the market for a few cans of rich, bold chili for those who might like chili dogs. And finally, Ann purchased a wheel of Colby cheese to put on top of the hot dogs. She also grabbed a large bag of potato chips and some regular soda.

She plans to serve her locally famous chocolate turtle-fudge cheesecake for dessert.

The Nutritional Showdown

One cup of Ann's shredded Colby cheese contains close to 500 calories. Her wheel created four piled cups totally about 2,000 calories. The total dietary fat content equals 160 fat grams.

Those plump franks were unfortunately accompanied by plump calories - 250 calories per frank or perhaps so scary that we should refer to them as 'frankensteins'. The franks minus the buns total 1,000 calories and she plans to serve her friends two each. The hot dog buns are about 100 calories each, so we'll add an additional 800 calories as Ann and each guest will enjoy two hot dogs each.

Let's take a look at that rich chili. Ah - just as we suspected, it's also rich in caloric content. Each can contains two servings at 400 calories each. Ann purchased two cans so this equals an additional 800 calories.

If each guest enjoys two chili dogs they will have consumed about 1,600 calories. If they also enjoy soda and potato chips they will likely exceed 2,000 calories. And if Ann serves her cheesecake and it's a hit - they might even top 3,000 calories per person.

Ann as a Good Diet Cook

Ann decides to throw an impromptu party for three of her closest friends. Chili dogs are on the menu as they are easy and quick to prepare with little clean-up involved, giving Ann and the girls time to play a relaxing game of cards.

Ann purchased the leanest franks she could find made with lean cuts of meat. Each frank contains 50 calories and she plans to serve each of her friends one each. That's a total of 200 calories for the franks. The buns for the franks contain 100 calories each for a total of 400 calories for four servings.

She searched the market for a few cans of hot dog sauce made with lean cuts of meat. Each serving contains a scant 10 calories each but she knows that her guests will probably add more than one serving of the hot dog sauce so she purchases the large can which contains 8 servings for a total of 80 calories.  

Ann also purchased a bar of skim mozzarella cheese to put on top of the hot dogs. The cheese contains 300 calories per shredded cup and because her friends are 'cheese lovers' as well as herself, she allows 1/4 cup of low fat cheese per hot dog. This will mean that each guest will consume about 75 calories in cheese.

She also purchases a large bag of baked potato chips as they contain far less calories than their fried peers. She also grabs a bottle of zero calorie soda.

For dessert she plans to serve her locally famous strawberry shortcake. Basically, her low calorie recipe consists of a slice of sponge cake topped with fresh strawberries and a dollop of real light whipped cream.

If each guest enjoys a chili dog with cheese then they will have consumed less than 300 calories. This is a drastic reduction compared to Ann's former method of cooking - where 1,600 calories would have been consumed.

Now the guests can enjoy a few baked chips, some soda and even Ann's luscious and healthy strawberry shortcake without the guilt.

In Summary - with a few adjustments in the kitchen, anyone can be a Good Diet Cook, just like Ann.


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