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The Alpha Key to
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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Keys to Losing Weight

There are thousands and thousands and yes, even hundreds of diets out there. Scary, isn't it?  

Fad diets, smart diets, low fat diets, no fat diets, single-food diets, citrus diets, celebrity diets, starvation diets, liquid diets, brilliant diets, smart diets, low carb diets, protein diets, blood type diets - a diet for every body type, and for every personality type.

So you don't need another diet! You need Diet Motivation!

After you've picked, or your doctor or nutritionist has picked, the best diet plan for you, focus on staying motivated about losing weight.  

Although you're excited and revved up at the beginning of your diet plan, it fades - just like new love for a new automobile.

That once 'honey of a red sports car' is now nothing more than an overdue bill that is in need of four tires and one windshield wiper blade.

Once you lose Diet Motivation, you may quickly OR slowly slide off your diet plan (without even sharing the fact with your doctor or nutritionist).

And we certainly don't want that to happen to you!  All that hard work, down the tubes....

You don't want to go through all the diet woes, experience weight loss, then get off your diet plan before you reach all of your weight loss goals. Get it done, get it over, and get on with life.

There are just too many other things to fret about other than weight.

Diet Bites will help all that we can in bringing you content that will motivate you and keep you happy while you are dieting.

Dieting Tips, Now You're Cooking With Gas

Diet wise foods tend to be extreme in gas. Other than blow up, what's a dieting body to do?  See what all the noise is about...

You'd think that in this day and age that the food industry would wise up to dieters in the area of exploding vegetables.  Why not use a system similar to our warning system?  Yes, a color coded system alerting dieters to the level of explosion contained in a particular vegetable.

- Squash could be blue, corn taupe, cabbage seafoam, and broccoli - red alert.

Although that would make perfect sense, little things in the world work so simply.

Tips to Remedy or Eliminate Digestive Upset While Dieting

Therefore, here are a few guidelines when you're dieting and cooking with live gas:

diet bites, weight loss, diet Invest in a bit of BEANO (or a like product) for those bubbling beans so they won't be bubbling in your britches.

diet bites, weight loss, diet Keep in mind that as your diet goes along that your system will adjust to the healthy change. Keep away from crowds and elevators until your body fully adjusts.

diet bites, weight loss, diet Even though most veggies like to make a lot of noise, they contain fiber which in turn fights heart disease and cancer.  Fiber also helps to rid the body of waste which in turn, can be beneficial to your waist.  What a great line...waistline that is.


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