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A Homemade Diet Taco Recipe

Written by Diet Bites


A Taco Recipe for Your Diet Plan

Oh my, have we got a delicious homemade taco recipe that can fit into almost-any weight loss plan.

Oooh - these are so delicious! Better yet - our homemade tacos are also low in calories and fat grams, making them an excellent choice for your diet menu.

To prepare Diet Bites homemade tacos you will need the following ingredients:

1 pound of extra lean ground beef (or you can opt for drained black beans for a vegetarian-friendly version)

1 dozen corn taco shells

a container of light sour cream

your favorite salsa

chopped lettuce, chopped tomatoes & chopped onions

fat-reduced grated cheese

The following seasonings: ground chili powder, ground cumin, and fresh chopped or dried cilantro.

How to Prepare This Recipe

Prepare ground beef or black beans until done. Add seasoning to suit personal taste. Add a good splash of salsa. Heat until bubbly. Fill heated corn shells with meat or bean mixture; add a good bed of the vegetable mix. Top with a spoon of light sour cream and fat-reduced grated cheese. Use more salsa as desired.


Lean Meat to Reduce Calories

The reason why our recipes calls for extra lean ground beef is because it contains less than half the calories of the fatter grades of ground beef - and when dieting, it's vital to keep track of daily calories because after all, restricting calories is what generates weight loss.

You Choose the Type of Bean

In addition, the black beans can be substituted with pinto beans, brown beans, red beans - or your favorite variety of beans.

Per serving they contain about the same number of calories as the ground beef but of course, are lower in dietary fat content - making the beans a much wiser choice based on health and not calories.

Be sure to thoroughly drain the beans.

I'm not a big fan of the bean juice found in commercially processed beans, so you'll often find me standing over the sink in my humble kitchen, straining the beans then washing them in cool water. They just taste better to me - but of course, that's a personal thing so if you like the bean juice - go for it. OR - feel free to use beans that you've prepared from scratch - which are actually the best selection to use when time allows.

Reduced or Lower Fat Cheese to Trim Calories

The reduced fat cheese also assist in slashing caloric content as does the light sour cream. But if you find that you just can't enjoy the lighter dairy products then by all means enjoy the full-blown versions, just enjoy less.

Dried cilantro is a bit pricey in comparison to many other spices at the market but one bottle lasts a very long time. I prefer using fresh cilantro when possible but the dried version will work absolutely fine in this low calorie recipe.

Be sure to stuff your tacos with a lot of lettuce as it contains very few calories - about 5 to 15 calories for most varieties. It will add a bit of dietary fiber. For example, one cup of raw green leaf lettuce contains about 1/2 gram of dietary fiber.

Feel free to use salsa and hot sauce generously as they tend to contain minimal calories. Typically about 10 calories per serving for the salsa.


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