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Count Calories for Weight Loss

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Counting Calories to Lose Pounds, a Proven Method for Losing Excess Body Fat

We hear a lot these days about so many different methods for losing unwanted pounds. There are eating plans based on carbohydrates, fats, proteins and cholesterol.

There are those which restrict a particular Food Group from the American Food Pyramid.

There are those that become popular very quickly based simply on the catchy name of the plan.

And there are those which produce a quick drop in body weight - until the plan is exited and the pounds re-gained as quickly as they were lost.

These types of diets are also known as Water or Fluid Loss Methods as fat must be attacked over a period of time and is never lost at an extremely rapidly rate unless an individual is morbidly obese.

Because there is an excess amount of fat to lose, the result will be faster than individuals who have much less to lose. That's always the situation.

For example, if Pete needs to lose fifty nine pounds and Joe needs to drop twenty, then Pete is going to lose much more rapidly on the same plan as Joe. That is, until he reaches a lower weight and the rate lessens.

From restricted carb to reduced fat fad diet plans - all promise the hopeful individual that they will lose those excess pounds and return to their recommended weight.

Energy Values Determine Body Weight

Promises are made to be broken, right? Fact is, the only proven method for losing weight is based on the amount of calories that one consumes - balanced with the amount that the body uses by performing necessary functions of the body and by exercising.

Body weight is based on energy. Not carbs, not fat - calories determine weight. Calories equal energy.

Using Common Sense to Lose Weight

We can look at a head of cabbage and we know that it often weighs heavily. The bigger the head, the more that it is going to tip the scales.

We can look at a luscious cream puff and although we know that it weighs eons lighter than a head or even a serving of cabbage, our sixth sense also warns us that it holds many more energy values than the cabbage.

Therefore, if you're uncertain about foods that you're going to put into your eating plan and you don't have a nutritional guide for reference at the moment, keep in mind that selections that are rich in the following elements will almost-always hold a significant number of calories: sugar, syrup, oils - including margarine, butter and other spreads such as Mayo, flour, nuts, seeds - and their butters.

Losing Weight by Counting Calories in Foods

For those of you who are counting calories, the following links lead to some powerful tools that will help you along your way on the Old Diet Trail.

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