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Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

What will it cost for weight loss?

If you're contemplating going on a weight loss program, you'll certainly want to count the cost if you're like me - working with an already too-tight budget.

I've always said that the dieter needs nothing more than a calorie book, a set of bathroom scales to track their progress as well as to have a starting point - and a few measuring spoons and cups.

But many times the dieter may want to mix things up to make their plan more interesting whether it is in the eating plan or exercise area.

And on this line of thinking, what you spend on your plan is also influenced by the type of diet that you choose, as well as the exercise that you will incorporate into your meal planning.

Exercise equipment can get costly.

Diet Tip: Until you are comfortable with your exercise routine, consider joining a gym or health club which will cost a fraction of the amount of exercise equipment. You can try before you buy.

We've all heard the argument that eating healthy costs a lot more than eating unhealthy foods.  

I tend to agree with that because healthy diets incorporate fresh foods. The fresh foods that you buy at your local market are dependent upon the season of the year.

So yes, dieting can get expensive.

 Leaner cuts of meats are pricier than the fatty cuts.

 If the fruit or vegetable isn't in season, the cost is more likely going to be jacked-up.

The Healthy Pledge That Just Vanished Into Thin Air

You know we heard all of the hype about how the First Lady was working with a certain large 'super mart' who promised to bring cheaper fresh foods to their customers. That news went away almost as soon as it was announced, didn't it - along with the pledge to charge less for fresh food.

There was also an agreement that foods which were high in sugar would be going away from the shelves. That didn't happen either.

Politics - from both sides or from all sides of the fence are always cheap talk with the greater public at the mercy of big business.

Diet Tip: Check out your local fruit stand or farmer's market where seasonal foods are generally much cheaper than at the grocery store.

The surprising thing about losing weight is that it can actually cost you a lot less money compared to those expensive hospital bills down the road if the unneeded weight ends up contributing to health problems.


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