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Your Height and Weight

Article by Diet Bites


Empowered to Face the Weight Loss Battle of the Bulge

Your Height, Your Weight

Whether you're tall with grace, or short with spice, height is one of the key factors that impacts your weight. Some tall tips to help with those weight loss 'shortfalls' (no, that's not a short joke!)...

Tip #1 - A sluggish metabolism is an unfed metabolism.

Whether you're short or tall, fire up your metabolism by eating three healthy meals per day, and a few healthy in-between-meal snacks such as a cup of fresh fruit, a slice of cheese, or a single-size serving of non fat yogurt.

Tip #2 - Unwanted weight places stress on the old skeleton.

Whether one is tall or short, too heavy of a load on the skeletal frame is adding risk for future health problems such as broken bones and back woes. We rarely think - much less plan, for tomorrow until it arrives.

-To cut future health risks, if you have been unable to drop unwanted weight, consider becoming involved in activities that target 'balance and body toning'.  

-Ensure that you're getting your full daily dose of calcium.

- Consider working with small, free weights to increase strength.

Tip #3 - If you're short, unless you have the Metabolism of Hercules, you just can't eat the same volume of food as taller people.  

In fact, you must eat far less just to keep your weight under control.  

During Diet Time, you may feel like you're starving rather than 'healthy dieting'. Look for foods that provide nutrition, yet are low in calories such as frozen vegetables and frozen fruits to cut starvation off at the pass.

Tip #4 - Dieting can also make a very tall person feel as if they are in starvation mode.  

Generally, unlike the short person who has problems overshooting their daily calorie allotment, many times a taller person is placed on a diet that is simply too low in calories to meet their metabolic needs.

In turn, weight may come off slower as the metabolism allows precious conservation of calories (energy).

Adding more calories to the diet will wipe out that feeling of starvation while kicking your metabolism in the fast lane.


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