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Apple Nutrients

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Caloric Values May Be Challenging to Determine

Calories in some fruits may be difficult to determine because of the small, medium and large factor. And these days, we even find extra large hybrid fruit at our local markets.

Energy Values in a Medium Size Apple

A medium-sized apple contains about 80 calories. The peeling is included in our apple calorie count. To help you count the calories more accurately in your apples, every ounce of apple contains about 16 calories.  

A medium sized apple (about 5 ounces of apple) contains 3 grams of fiber. Fiber is one of a dieter's best friends.  

a) The apple fiber helps sweep out the gut and is therefore a good weapon for fighting disease.

b) Apple fiber will help you feel fuller longer than foods without fiber.

c) The apple fiber will help keep you regulated, although apples do tend to give most individuals a bit of gas.

When Paired With Apples, Cheese Neutralizes Sugars & Fights Tooth Decay

Do you like a little cheese with your apple?

The additional calories may be a good thing because eating a slice of cheese with your apple may help fight against cavities by neutralizing the sugar in the apple. Try reducing your slice of cheese to 1/2 a slice to cut down on the calories.

Pectin Fights Cholesterol, Hearty Healthy

The low calorie apple also contains pectin which combats cholesterol - and is good for the heart.

Boron Values Spike Level of Alertness

The mineral boron is also found in the apple.

Boron can make the individual more alert, so starting your day with a low calorie apple just may snap you to life better than that cup of Joe.

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Calorie Information for Applesauce, Small & Large Apples

Calories in Applesauce: 1 cup of applesauce contains about 100 calories

1 Small Apple contains about 60 calories

1 Large Apple contains about 120 calories

If the peeling is removed from the apple, the calories of the apple decreases by about 10 calories for a medium sized apple.

About Different Species, Energy Values

Jonathan apples, Granny Smith apples, Gala apples, Honey Crisp apples, New York apples - and all other varieties of apples contain about the same number of calories.


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