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Controlling Calories

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How calories impact what you weight in a very big way.....

There is an old saying about what passes through the lips goes straight to the hips. Of course that only occurs when the number of calories consumed for the day exceed the number of calories used by the by the body. This is often termed as 'the balancing act'.

While weight gain often packs onto the hip area, we are all created differently - so weight gain also occurs differently. While Betty Sue might gain inches in the hip area, Bobby Sue is apt to pack on pounds in the abdomen area when weight gain occurs.

But one thing is for certain - weight gain is something that most individuals dislike. Here are just a few things that make weight gain so disliked:

- Weight gain can occur rapidly or it might creep onto the body over the years;

- Weight gain creates extra unwanted padding on the body creating bumps, humps, mounds and lumps in the strangest places;

- Weight gain creates stress on our skeletal frame, it taxes our heart and can contribute or trigger many diseases and illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

- Weight gain is very difficult to control as we are continually tempted by food in order to survive.

Ridding Weight Gain by Controlling Caloric Intake

The dieter can count carbohydrate grams, fat grams and protein grams - but the best way to combat weight gain is to count calories as weight is governed by caloric intake and caloric out take based on energy levels. Yes - the old balancing act in play, yet again.

Even after the dieter loses all the unwanted weight - they can't return to their pre-diet way of eating and drinking. When this occurs, all of the lost weight will be regained.

So at some point, the individual must aim to consume the number of calories required by the body to support optimum weight, and then balance the act with a healthy dose of activity.

Listed below are calories found in common foods - including fast food restaurant. Knowing the number of calories contained within a food or beverage selection is the first step in gaining control of the number of calories in your daily diet - rather than allowing weight gain to keep control of the daily diet.

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