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Calories in Food

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Need to know the number of calories in menu selections at your favorite fast food restaurants?

What about in fresh foods like apples, apricots, avocados and bananas? Or greens, eggplant and green beans?

Or basic common foods that are popular, particularly among dieters such as omelets or pizza? If so, simply follow the links within the page which lead to the nutritional values.

While some foods can be woven into your weight loss plan effortlessly, others will be hard to find a good fit.

And the foods that typically are wise for dieters tend to hold the fewest calories and the least amount of fat, and unfortunately, they do not work well in quelling one's appetite. Therefore, two elements should be considered when making choices at meal time:

- Dietary Fiber Content

- Protein Gram Content

Foods that contain these elements tend to hold great satiety powers and will keep the appetite satisfied for hours going forward. A good example is the common pinto bean. An entire medium-sized can of pinto beans which serves three generously contains about 316 calories which equals 114 calories per 100 grams. In the entire can of pinto beans resides a scant 2.49 grams of dietary fat - only 0.438 of those in the form of saturated fat grams.

The dietary fiber content of the can of beans equals 15.2 grams while the protein content equals 19.36 grams.

If the dieter were given a choice of the pinto beans or a large cupcake, the pinto beans would keep the appetite satisfied for much longer than the sweet treat.

Satiety Power While Dieting

But let's take this just a step further - because eating more than one serving of the beans is going overboard where weight loss is involved.

Even if the dieter consumed one serving of the beans they would still be less hungry going forward than if they had consumed the cupcake which held about three times the caloric value.

Dietary Fiber to the Rescue

The cupcake would offer minimal satisfaction where hunger is concerned as it contains a bit of dietary fat.

Another great choice for your diet plan which assists in combating hunger is oats. One-half cup of dry oats contains about 150 calories, 5.48 protein grams and 3.8 dietary fiber grams.

Try enjoying a bowl of oats for breakfast and if you're like most individuals - you won't even think about eating anything else until lunch time arrives.

When trying to lose weight, the task is much easier when we aren't seized with hunger pains.

Calories in Food

Nutrition Index of Common Foods

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