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Article by Diet Bites


The Problem With Calorie Burn Charts - Never sweat the big stuff.

Before we begin, we'd like to note that exercise promotes a stronger, healthier body and any weight loss as a result of exercise is a perk!

Diet Bites is a firm believer of the necessity of exercise in our daily lives in order to secure maximum health benefits BUT we adhere to MODERATE exercise rather than wild, frenzied, out of control and total-body-stressed-to-the-max exercise.

Too much huffing and puffing aren't good. Just ask the wolf who tormented three innocent piglets to see where it got him. With that said...

When an individual is focusing on weight loss, they want to choose an activity that provides the most calorie burn for their calorie buck.

Entire lines of exercise equipment and products are built around this single fact.

The problem with these machines and exercise products, as well as the calorie burn charts that accompany them OR a particular activity, is that the information tends to be a bit skewed. Here are the reasons why:

diet bites for healthy weight loss The number of calories burned on 'calorie burn charts' and 'activity burn charts' INCLUDE the number of calories that a person burns, even if they had been dormant during the exercise period. This inflates the value of the exercise performed.

Gender, Weight, Age - All Impact Intensity of Caloric Burn

For argument's sake, let's say that according to an Exercise Calculation Chart, the person exercising has burned 150 calories in one hour during the course of a certain exercise.

What the chart doesn't say is that even if the dieter had been dormant, they would have burned 100 calories.

Therefore, the one hour exercise session actually attributes to 50 calories being burned rather than the stated 150 calories - because the individual would have burned 100 calories regardless.

diet bites for healthy weight loss Everyone's not the same weight, gender, body make-up and so forth.

diet bites for healthy weight loss Charts provide information that has been calculated on 'average individuals' - generally meaning a 2,000 calorie diet or a 150 pound person depending upon the chart and what a particular chart is based upon.

diet bites for healthy weight loss Therefore, it's extremely difficult to determine the actual calorie burns based on loose information.

Activity & Exercise in Moderation for Best Health Benefits

Diet Bites recommends moderate exercise on a daily OR every other day basis.

Walking 15 to 20 minutes at a pace which gets your heart rate up to produce a mild sweat will render significant health benefits as well as strengthen your heart and your lungs. Another perk - body toning.

Although exercise will speed up weight loss and will assist in burning calories more efficiently, weight loss is best measured from calorie intake rather than calories spent. So buy your calories wisely and spend them wisely, too.


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