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Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

If we could bottle the excitement that initiates a diet, there would be no such thing as Diet Failure. ~ Quote by Diet Bites

Keeping the Thrill Alive

Try to think about something new that you have purchased in your life, or a gift that someone dear gave to you.

Remember the excitement that you felt? How careful you were with this object so that nothing would happen to it?

A new diet is the same way. We go on the diet it's all so brand new.

We follow all the directions. We make all the diet recipes. We do all the recommended exercises and activities. We are so excited about our new, healthy, soon-to-be-slim diet.

New Broom Always Sweeps Clean

As a kid, I was always amazed at some of the sayings that my mother would come up with. Much of her humor she inherited from both of her parents - and they were two cards. I used to giggle so hard at some of the stuff that my grandfather would come up with. One time, he was past his eightieth birthday and he decided to live in an assisted living environment. He had tried living with his kids and that just didn't work out for him. He was simply too independent of a person and felt that he had better control in an assisted living environment than living with his kids. Because he needed constant medical monitoring, he felt it was his best solution.

Nonetheless, he was an old cowboy and through his career he worked for several well-known ranches. The stories that he spun regarding his adventures as well as others told by other family members are one reason why I enjoy writing about westerns so much.

At the assisted living facility, there was one elderly woman that he just couldn't get along with. And I never knew anyone that didn't like my grandfather; he was a Randolph Scott-John Wayne composite of a person that people enjoyed being around. He always had something fun going on, whether it was sticking a new vacuum cleaner onto a pile of dirt to see how well it worked or sticking a screwdriver into the back of a television with tubes to see if that would fix things.

One day when I visited him he was really upset with this lady who couldn't get along with him. He told me that she was so ugly that she would knock all the bark and acorns off an oak tree. I never forgot what he said.

As to my mom, one of her favorite sayings was about the new broom that swept clean. It's an old, popular saying but I remember hearing this a lot throughout my childhood whenever a lady or man of the church decided to get a divorce.

And you know, this applies to dieting too. A new plan is always fun. In the beginning, that is. Then, as with relationships, we soon discover that no one is perfect - and that most of the time, we were better off before we pranced down that new, unfamiliar and exciting lane of life.

As time passes by, the diet grows old.  It's just not fun anymore.

It was fun when we believed that we were having fun. It was fun when we felt like we were dieting because we wanted to. But now, we're beginning to feel like we are dieting because we have to.

And that's just not fun. No one enjoys being painted into a corner, especially a Diet Corner when there's no Jack Horner around to steal a plum from.

Keeping motivated to continue dieting until you've reached your weight loss goal is extremely hard to do BUT you can do it! Just keep in mind that once you get through your weight loss ordeal, you'll never have to lose weight again. This will be your last - brand new diet.


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