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Calories in Black Russian
a Mixed Alcohol Drink

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Calories are for one Black Russian as generally served in public:

1/2 fluid ounce of Vodka

1 fluid ounce of Kahula

Black Russian Calories & Carb Grams

One Black Russian contains about 137 calories and 15 carb grams.

One ounce of Kahula contains about 90 calories and 15 carb grams. As a note, Vodka contains no carb grams.

On the other hand, Vodka is steep in caloric content. Over-consumption of alcohol can lead to serious diseases, including irreversible liver damage.

One tiny jigger of Vodka contains more than 100 calories. More examples of calories in Vodka based on alcohol content:

Vodka Based on Alcohol Content

1 Fluid Ounce of Vodka

1 Jigger of Vodka

100 Proof 82 calories 123 calories

80 Proof

66 calories

99 calories

What Does Vodka Go Well With?

Vodka has more of a kick than flavor - although there are several flavors of vodka to choose from on the market today - from blueberry vodka to black cherry.

Vodka tends to go well with lime and with most types of carbonated drinks, including sodas.

Recipe for Apple Vodka Twist: 2 ounces of good quality vodka and one cup of apple juice.

Vodka as a Health Tonic & Wellness Remedy

Through the ages almost all alcohol-based spirits have been touted as remedies for wellness and good health and of course, vodka is no exception.

In colder climates it was touted as a warming remedy to combat the cold and bitterness of winter. And many herbal tinctures existed throughout the history of the world using vodka as their base ingredient.

Initially it was referred to as bread wine and contained a minimal of alcohol.

Inferior alcohol which is almost-always homemade can pose substantial health risks including blindness, respiratory failure, severe alcohol poisoning and death.


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