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About Grazing & Weight Gain

What does the term 'grazing' mean in relation to the daily diet?

Grazers are individuals who randomly eat whenever they want to throughout the day rather than sitting down to enjoy an official meal. Because so little is eaten at each pit stop, they tend to feel as if they haven't really consumed that much food or caloric values. The result is almost-always an increase in body fat.

The Diet Advantages of Grazing

diet grazingGrazers have the right idea about eating, that being: "One should only eat when one is hungry."

diet grazingEating several times throughout the day may help the metabolism run more efficiently than having to process large amounts of food at three settings (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

The Diet Disadvantages of Grazing

diet grazingIndividuals who practice 'Grazing' are at a high risk for weight gain because eating a bit here and there really adds up and unless the calories are added up during the Graze-Phase, it's very easy to exceed the daily calorie allotment that the body requires.

diet grazingA feeling of free-grazing can be deceptive because the individual may feel as if they are only nibbling here and there.  

The problem is that, generally, they nibble quite a lot throughout the day, and those nibbling portions run neck-and-neck to what is considered full sized portions under Regular Eating Conditions.

diet grazingThe types of foods that Grazers tend to choose are often times inconsistently healthy. A piece of fruit here, then a cookie there. A piece of lean ham here, three wedges of cheese there.

This information is provided for those dieters who are considering going on a grazing-type weight loss plan and to better assist them in making healthy diet choices.


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