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Acomplia & Meridia Side Effects
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Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Significant Health Risks

Both Acomplia and Meridia may present health risks to the dieter, some of those health risks very serious, including death.

As with any weight loss supplement, even when prescribed by a qualified physician - limited use is wise.

While one weight loss supplement might work wonders for one individual it may create health woes greater than weight gain for another individual so this is why we always advise that these methods for losing be done only under the advice of a doctor and under close supervision.

Health Risks Involved

A weight loss product should never be considered safe to take without first speaking with your doctor. Some may cause an increase in heart rate or impact blood pressure - and for those individuals with heart issues, including hidden heart issues, it may be too much strain on the heart, thus presenting major health risks.

Negative risks to health always increase for any drug or herbal supplement with age.

In addition, the current state of health will play into the risk factor.

The current weight of the individual will also impact the risks to the body; the more overweight that one is, the higher the risks involved.

Supplements or Diet Pills Hold Zero Guarantees for Success

It's important to keep in mind that 'no weight loss product' can melt away pounds.

How They Work

Some work on decreasing appetite while others may present the feeling of fullness but they cannot shed, burn or melt pounds from the body.

Energy intake must decrease to a level that is lower than current intake in order for the body to create a metabolic burn which results in usage of energy that has been stored in the fat cells. This alone will create weight loss results.

The links below also include a list of the side effects as well as my weight loss results while using Meridia. As always, please get with your doctor before pursing any type of weight loss plan.

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