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Cinnamon Apples

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

A low calorie, low fat apple recipe for dieters.  

Do you enjoy this yummy super fruit as much as we do? It's certainly popular - no doubt about that.

And it can be found in both low and high-end markets throughout the year, chiefly based to its stellar shelf life. However, the best tasting, most flavorful apples are those that have just been picked from the tree.

Some of our fondest memories revolve around a visit that took to New York state one year.

A lady had a fruit stand set up by the roadside where she was selling apples. She told us that she had over fifty varieties growing on her property. The only downside was that she was a cranky old thing; but her fruit was quite delicious.

On that note, let's see how we can cook-up a tasty dessert that will put a smile on the crankiest of dieters, shall we?

The Big Skinny Apple, a Low Calorie Recipe

Ingredients needed for this low calorie diet recipe:
-1 medium sized apple that has been washed and cored

- ground cinnamon

- Zero calorie 'Butter" spray

- dark or light brown sugar

How to Prepare

Place apple in a microwave-proof dish. Top the apple with a bit of no calorie butter spray and cook until tender (about 2-5 minutes depending on your microwave).

Carefully remove the apple. Top with more butter spray if desired and add a dash of ground cinnamon and a spoon or two of brown sugar. Now how easy was that! Absolutely yummy and guilt free. Perfect for snack time - particularly when those crisp autumn months arrive.

The Calorie Content

Calories and servings in this low calorie recipe: Serves 1 for about 100 calories.

Serving Suggestions

This recipe also works well when camping in the great outdoors. Take along some foil and wrap the apples - then cook over the campfire. Yummy-good and healthy too while so low in calorie content.

Low calorie ground cinnamon apples make a beautiful dessert for family and friends - at parties and events.

They can even be covered in a very thin layer of pastry, including puff pastry - then baked in the oven.

In this event, I would suggest cooking the apples until they are partially done in the microwave, then allow them to cook fully in the oven with the dough wrapping.

You can also create lovely decorations with extra dough and/or pastry tools such as 'dough leaves' at the top of the cinnamon apples.

If you enjoy those extra-tiny cinnamon disc candies, those can be added to the fruit for a little 'heat'.


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