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Low Fat Low Calorie Apple Pie Recipe

Article by Diet Bites


Fresh Apple Pie Recipe, a low calorie, low fat fruit pie for dieters.

Know why William Tell shot that apple off his little son's head? Because William knew just how delicious, nutritious and down-right healthy that apple really was; lucky for William's son that he was an excellent shot.

Speaking of delicious, nutritious and down-right healthy, Diet Bites low calorie apple pie recipe is exactly that! It's lower in fat than common apple pie recipes, thus reducing calories.

And we're going to make use of sugar substitute to decrease calories just a tab more, but if you'd rather use sugar, please do but be certain to account for the extra calories. While Diet Bites is a fan of lower calories, sugar substitutes should be used sparingly for health concerns.

We're also using fresh apples over canned - so fresh that they just might leap out of the can and into the pie - that's just how smart apples can be.

Keep the Doctor Away Apple Pie, the Ingredient List

- 2 unbaked pie crusts

- 6 medium apples that have been peeled, cored and thinly sliced

- 1 lemon

- 1 cup of Splenda that measure like granulated sugar

- ground cinnamon

How to Prepare


Coat apple slices with lemon juice by gently squeezing lemon.  Next coat with Splenda or sugar. As a note, we're opting for Splenda because it tolerates heat well unlike many other sugar substitutes.

Next, roll out apple pie crusts as thin as possible. Arrange one pie crust in pie plate and then arrange the thinly sliced apples on the unbaked pie crust. Dust apples with ground cinnamon. Top with the other unbaked pie crust and crimp top crust to bottom crust using fingers or tines of fork.

Be sure to trim off all the extra dough. Pie crusts tend to contain about 80-100 calories per serving, and that's only for a single crust. Most pies garner 8 servings. Because we're rolling the pie dough ultra thin, our 80 calorie per serving of pie crust is now about 60 calories per serving with the double-crust coming in at 120 calories.

Brush the top of the unbaked pie crust with beaten egg. Bake apple pie in a preheated oven at 350 degrees until done - about 40 minutes. Apple pie should appear a golden brown in color.

Calories: Serves 8 for about 175 calories each.

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