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Calories in Alexander
Mixed Alcohol Drink

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Calories in alcoholic drinks.

The caloric content on this page is based on one drink as generally served in public:

An Alexander consists of the following ingredients:

1/2 fluid ounce of gin
1/2 fluid ounce of crème de cacao
1 1/2 fluid ounces of heavy cream
dash of nutmeg

Alexander Calories & Carbohydrate Grams

One Alexander contains about 244 calories and 7.5 carbohydrate grams.

One and one-half fluid ounces of heavy cream contains about 150 calories and about 17 total fat grams - half of which are derived from saturated fat. Calories in gin are as follows:

Gin Based on Alcohol Content

Calories in 1 Fluid Ounce of Gin

Calories in 1 Jigger of Gin

80 Proof

This is the base level and caloric values; they are at their minimum based on 'proof percentage'.



86 Proof

We move up the scale in alcohol content and see a small spike in calories.



90 Proof

The difference between 80 Proof and 90 Proof is very minimal. 



94 Proof

At this level we're seeing a noticeable increase in caloric values in comparison to our starting point at 80 Proof.



100 Proof

As we can see, the energy values are quite significant considering that the nutritional values of alcohol are zero.



Health Risks & Impact of Alcohol Based Drinks

Keep the following in mind where alcoholic drinks are involved:

- Alcohol is extremely hard on the liver and may cause damage;

- Some individuals are at higher risk for alcohol-related liver diseases than others;

- Alcoholism is a disease and often inherited;

- Women who consume 1-2 drinks per day are at an increased risk of liver disease;

- Alcohol numbs the senses and fogs the thinking process so the drinker often does things they may not remember, or that they are embarrassed by - or that they regret;

- Drinking on an empty stomach enhances the negative effects of alcohol.


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