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Thin People, Weight Maintenance Tips

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Using Mind Games for Weight Loss

Some say that Life's a game on the Board of Chance. We say that Weight Maintenance is a game in the Back of Your Mind. Check this out hypnotic article and boost your game-play today! continue

Thin People, Weight

Do other thin people have a magical potion? Just how do they keep their slim shape? Do they, too, experience problems with keeping their weight under control? continue

Weight Maintenance Tips

I've lost weight now.  And I am experiencing this.  Is this normal?  Or is this abby-normal? The answer may be revealed within this enchanting article. continue

About Dieting Forums Online

Ahhh, the refreshing Diet Forums. Well, at least some are. Some are simply a version of Jerry Springer relived. continue

Using a Journal for Dieting Purposes

Writing can be good for the soul - and for Weight Maintenance as well.  Pull out your favorite writing pen - the one with the yellow-headed troll bouncing on the top. That's right, that's the one.  continue

Using Favorite Recipes for Losing Weight

Now that you've lost the weight you certainly don't want to gain it back.

And if you're the Chef and Chief Bottle Washer at your humble home, you know that the time you spend cooking in the kitchen allows time for Diet Temptation. continue

Weight Maintenance Through Exercise & Activity

Our cat recently proved that one can lose weight without dieting.  He was a house cat: lazy, lethargic, a hillbilly type of cat - a hound dog cat, if you will.

He rarely moved, sitting on the edge of the rug, watching the flames from the fireplace lap out at him until his facial hair was singed and stinky. continue

Eating Healthy to Maintain Weight

If you plan to maintain your weight through healthy eating, this article may help you in identifying some pitfalls along the way. This method of weight maintenance is highly ranked by Diet Bites.  continue


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