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How Long Does it Take to Eat Lunch

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

You May be Surprised to Discover How Little Time You Eat Per Day

It sure doesn't take long at all to consume a vast amount of calories in a short feeding frenzy.

While our body fat impacts the way that we feel both physically and mentally - the damage that is done in creating an overweight condition requires very little time throughout the day.

So, just how much time do you spend eating each day? Follow these tips and add up the time, then pause head down to more tips below which can assist in taming the Diet Beast.

1. Get a watch or clock.
2. Time your meals as well as snacks.
3. Add up the total.

Simple formula, isn't it?

The average individual requires about 10 minutes to eat each meal - which is about half an hour per day or 1/48th of an entire day. Snacks are often consumed in 2 to 5 minutes.

Slow Down, We Eat Too Fast

The above data tells us that we are eating far too fast. Keep in mind that it requires about 20 minutes for the brain to register that the stomach has been satisfied. When we don't allow sufficient time for the stomach to register that feeling of fullness, we may be eating less than required at meal time.

Why is this important? Because when the stomach is not fully satisfied, we'll be looking for snacks very quickly after we eat - and we may continue snacking until the next meal time arrives.

Tips to Succeed at Weight Loss

1. Our body requires chewing time. It's just as important as receiving that comfortable feeling of fullness in the tummy after we eat. This is just one reason why liquid dieting doesn't render permanent weight loss results.

2. When the food on our meal plate isn't to our personal taste, we're going to leave the table feeling dissatisfied with our meal. And when we're trying to lose those excess layers of fat, it's vital that we feel good about the foods and drinks that we're consuming.

For example, let's say that Fred loves bacon - and is craving a BLT for lunch. But he's on a diet plan and tuna with no Mayo is on the menu, along with 5 saltine crackers. There is also assorted raw vegetables as well as a cup of low fat cottage cheese.

Keep in mind that while it's important to monitor our fatty acid intake, it's the caloric values of foods that regulate our body weight. The quality and types of food assist in regulating our level of health - but they are overridden by our gene pool significantly.

Fred's tin of tuna, his raw vegetables, the five crackers and the cup of cottage cheese add up to about 450 kcals.

Let's look at his BLT option. Two slices of bacon that have been cooked in the microwave contain 50 kcals. Fred can cut the slices in half to create four strips for his sandwich.

A serving of light Mayo, such as Miracle Whip Light, contains about 20 kcals. If we use 60 calorie slices of toasted bread, we'll have an additional 120 kcals. If we add up the bacon, the spread, the lettuce leaf and tomato slices along with the bread we'll get a total of about 200 kcals - less than half of what the tuna meal contains.

Fred will still have lots of room to add his raw vegetables along with 1/2 cup of the cottage cheese if he desires, and of course - a low calorie beverage such as unsweetened tea.

3. To remedy overindulgence, often the best method is slowing down when we eat to allow time for the brain to register that feeling of fullness. We should also chew our food thoroughly which will assist in the digestive process. Smaller bits of food make the digestive process easier for the body.

In Summary

Just because we're working to lose excess body fat doesn't mean that we have to embrace a bland diet that does absolutely nothing to thrill our taste buds.

Whether it's Fred's BLT or a bowl of spicy chili that we're craving, there are methods that can be used amid the preparation phase that will assist in reducing calories as well as fat grams, making almost-all foods capable of fitting into a healthy weight loss plan.

Sure - we can't feast on fried chicken, gravy and sky-high buttered biscuits, but you can enjoy three ounces of fried chicken - such as a drumstick for about 150 kcals along with limited gravy and a smaller biscuit with minimal added fat.

While we can't down a loaded deep dish pizza pie, we can enjoy a couple of slices of thin crust pizza topped with our favorite vegetables or a few slices of pepperoni.

When dieting, keep in mind that all things in moderation work towards a healthier body.


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