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Including Healthier Starbucks Choices

Quickly! Take a guess at how many calories are in one teensy slice of 'Thrilla From Vanilla Cheesecake' - one of the rich and creamy offerings at Starbucks. Did you guess about 350 calories? That was my guess, but I would need to multiply that by 2 and add more calories to get the exacto calorie count.

Rich and creamy? Unfortunately, it's rich all right - filthy Diet Rich in fat and calories. Suddenly, things aren't so 'thrilla' anymore, are they?

On a recent round-a-bout to Starbucks, their dairy case was quite full with a variety of those yummy looking cheesecakes made by The Cheesecake Factory. At $35 per box - 14 servings per box, it's a bit more than this starving writer can pay. But the price isn't what ended up being so shocking; it was the nutrition labels.

The nice young lady behind the counter must have thought I was crazy when I asked her if I could borrow a pen. She curiously watched as I scrawled off the numbers, then handed the pen back to her. Very nice lady. Very naughty numbers. Here's the Diet Scoop - and yes, let's hug one another while we cry.  

Something Pumpkin - 550 Calories/39 grams of fat per slice

Big O - 550 Calories/39 grams of fat per slice

Berry White Cheesecake - 680 Calories/46 grams of fat per slice

Famoose Cheesecake - 650 Calories/45 grams of fat per slice

Thrilla from Vanilla - 720 Calories/52 grams of fat per slice

I don't think any dieter OR non-dieter would be too thrilled about the fat and calories contained in these tiny slices. Each slice could easily be consumed in four bites by a small child, much less an adult. That's about 200 calories per bite!


The above data is based on one slice of cheesecake with 14 slices per box. At 720 calories, a dieter can basically have one slice of cheesecake and 'not much else' for the rest of the day. Not too thrilling....not at all. In fact, four coconut snowballs contain about the same number of calories.

Healthier Choices at Starbucks

On the flip side, Starbucks had some very yummy looking sandwiches showcased that were made with lean meats and veggies. Hopefully, those are at a healthier nutrition level than the cheesecakes. And if not, might we suggest these Starbucks yummies which are much lighter in fat & calories than the Starbucks cheesecakes:

Reduced Fat Cranberry Muffin - 340 Calories/4.5 grams of fat per muffin

Reduced Fat Blueberry Coffee Cake - 310 Calories/10 grams of fat

Reduced Fat Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake - 300 Calories/8 grams of fat

1/2 Starbucks Cinnamon Roll - 235 Calories/8 grams of fat

Needless to say, coffee goes perfectly with desserts. The thing is to keep in mind that we are in charge of making our own food choices and it's important to know what/how much we're eating BEFORE we place that order because some foods have the ability to haunt our weight scales for days to come.

Keep in mind that the numbers on our scales indicate 'the external damage'. If we could all see 'the internal damage' that some foods inflict on our bodies, it would be much easier to say, 'No, thanks.' 

To view other great choices for dieters at Starbucks, cheesecakes aside, click here for Starbucks calories, carbs, fat grams & additional nutrition information.


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