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The Busy Day Diet Planner

Written by Diet Bites

Challenging to Fit Dieting Into Busy Schedules

If you are one of the millions of busy-day people, you thrive on drilling everything that you can possibly fit into one day.  You are generally extremely productive.

As a whole, your busy-day-drive impacts society in a positive way. The world surely needs you!

On that note - the unfortunate thing about busy day  people is that they generally don't live out their usefulness.  


Because most are geniuses at planning extemporary things, but when it comes to their own well-being, therein lies the gap - the pivotal disaster that can shorten one's life due to an unhealthy 'grab-at-will' diet lifestyle.

They are so focused on the other people, as well as improving life for others that they simply don't take personal time.

Taking time out to pause and plan out a healthy daily diet can certainly add YEARS to one's life. Let's see how the individual with the busy schedule compares to the one who planned their dinner meals.

Planned Diet Menu: About 400 calories

3 ounces of baked cod with a squeeze of fresh lemon, cracked black pepper, a sprinkle of dill weed and lemon pepper
1/2 cup of whole grain steamed rice with a teaspoon of reduced fat margarine
1 serving of French green beans
1 serving of fresh steamed asparagus
1 serving of summer, straight-necked yellow squash
1 whole grain bread stick
3/4 cup of whole fresh strawberries topped with reduced fat whipped cream
1 glass of unsweetened black-leaf tea

Unplanned Diet Menu: About 700 calories

Because Tina is pressed for time she decides to dine at the fast food restaurant as she is traveling to a business meeting. She knows that tacos tend to be low in caloric values so she ordered the following:

2 supreme tacos, corn tortilla style
1 Mexican rice
plain iced tea

Unfortunately, what Tina didn't take time to know was that differently altered tacos contain different nutritional values, at times - significant differences. Such is the humble taco.

When ordered plain - with seasoned ground beef and packed with crunchy shredded lettuce and a 1/2 teaspoon of cheese, the caloric value equals about 170 kcals. However, in supreme versions the amount of cheese is increased as well as the seasoned beef. And regular sour cream is hefty in dietary fat at 60 calories per Tablespoon. Generally two or more are added to supreme versions.

As to the Mexican rice, there was about 1/2 cup in the container and it contained double the caloric values of the steamed rice.

In addition, opting for fish over beef is a healthier choice due to the Omega 3's in fish which support heart health whereas beef is connected in health studies in blocking the arteries with cholesterol build-up over time.

Furthermore, Tina didn't get much to eat in comparison with the planned meal.

Tips for Eating Healthier

If you tend to be a busy day person, and you're finding difficulty in getting a healthy diet due to your busy lifestyle, here are some suggestions that may make a world of difference in you so that you can continue to make a difference in the world:

1.  Check out independent companies who prepare healthy meals.  Generally, these meals are less expensive than the price of a fast food offering, and they may even deliver to your door.

2. When shopping, look for packages that are stamped with the words: lean, low in fat, sugar free, low  sodium, and 'contains no Trans fats'.

3. Prepare your meals in advance and freeze for later.

4.  Try to keep a stash of the following on hand for on-the-go busy days:  yogurt, nuts, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, jerky, rice cakes, juices, fruit popsicles, skim milk, low fat cottage cheese, skim cheeses (string cheese is a great on-the-go healthy snack) and wheat crackers.

5.  Re-evaluate your schedule and make room for 1/2 hour that will be reserved JUST FOR YOU.  Take a 15 minute brisk walk, then settle into a nice bubble bath while enjoying a little light cranberry cocktail.

Life is good.  Life should be savored.  Take time for YOU!

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