Bubble Team Boba Tea Recipes

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What is Bubble Tea (Boba Tea)?

Bubble Tea is a fun tea that contains tiny pearl-like beads of tapioca that sink to the bottom of the special tea. It is also known as Boba.  

After the tapioca pearls are fully cooked by boiling, they go through a steeping process. After steeping is completed they are rinsed thoroughly in cool water.

Next, they are dunked in a very sugary mixture and are finally ready to use in Bubble Tea.

The pearls are placed into the bottom of the glass or cup and are sprinkled with flavorings, extracts, fresh fruits or powdered mixes.  

Next, a certain flavor of tea is poured into the container, and then milk or cream is added. Our favorite Bubble Tea is red tea flavored with vanilla extracts.

As a note, the pearls at the bottom of the tea are chewy and very tasty and of course, lend the effect of bubbles in the drink.

For both the Bubble Tea and the Chai Bubble Tea recipes below you will need to place the bubble tea pearls in the bottom of the glass. Shake up remaining ingredients in a drink shaker and pour over pearls.  Both recipes serve 4 for minimal calories.

Bubble Tea Recipes (Boba Tea)

DIET BUBBLE TEA FOR FOUR: 1/2 cup of Splenda, 1/2 cup of water; stir thoroughly and use to coat the prepared tapioca pearls.

Honey Bush Bubble Tea Recipe

1 cup of prepared tapioca bubble tea pearls
2 cups of crushed ice
3 cups of red tea
2 cups of skim milk
1 Tablespoon of honey
Splenda to taste

Recipe for Chai Bubble Tea

1 cup of prepared tapioca bubble tea pearls
2 cups of crushed ice
3 cups of Chai tea
2 cups of skim milk
Splenda to taste

How can Bubble Tea help me lose weight? Because it's minimal in caloric content it makes an excellent beverage for your weight loss plan.

In Summary

This beverage provides much enjoyment to the dieter; it is very flavorful, adds interest and a burst of health benefits. In addition, it is minimal in caloric content when granulated sugar is used in controlled amounts; adding honey - particularly locally harvested can add another layer of nutrition to the drink and is noted in controlled health studies for battling allergy symptoms. This healthful drink also contains zero fat grams and cholesterol.

Almost all flavors and variations of tea can be used to replace liquids in many recipes, lending a unique flavor to the final result. This super drink works exceptionally well in replacing water in cake and muffin mixes.


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