Body Frame & Your Weight

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The Body's Skeletal Frame System

Your body comes equipped with a skeletal frame that expanded as you grew from infant to adult.

Make no bones about it, too much weight and the body frame is stressed, leading to increased risk for bone disorders, fractures and disease.

Whenever any part of the human body begins to experience a breakdown in strength, this also equals a breakdown in health - thus increasing negative risks associated with our well-being.

Added Weight Weakens the Skeletal Frame

To get a better picture of the effect that weight has on the body frame, think of your body as a house that is being constructed. 

Image for Body Frame & Your Weight Article- The skeleton is the frame of the house.

-The fat is the insulation of the house.

- The muscles represent the nails that hold the frame together.

- The intestines represent the plumbing system within the structure.

- The heart represents the electrical system housed within.

- The internal organs represent the walls, ceiling and floors of the home.

- Food represents the furniture and decor that we add to the house.

- Too much furniture and decor in the house may cause the floor, walls and ceiling to sway.

- Eventually, the frame of the house is effected by the weight of the structure, just as the body when too much weight is added onto the skeletal frame. 

In turn, the plumbing may fail, as well as the electricity. It's a chain reaction - a reaction in this event due to too much weight.

The skeletal frame of the body represents your foundation for building a healthy, fit body that is intended to last a lifetime.  Make that lifetime a long time, and your personal skeleton will say, "Thank you!"

How to Lose Weight & Improve Your State of Health While Strengthening Your Bones

If you are experiencing the following ills, they may indeed be related to an overweight condition:

Feeling out of breath when exerting the body amid the most minimal of activity. Weight may be weighing your body down, literally.

Experiencing difficulties bending down when picking up an object or working with a particular subject. When the individual is overweight or obese, it can be extremely difficult to rise from a kneeling or bent position as they have to struggle to lift the weight back into a standing position where it automatically becomes balanced.

The legs may ache at the end of the day, at times preventing a restful night's sleep.

It may be difficult for the individual to turn their head and view the scene behind them.

Backache and pain may be an ongoing challenge due to the extra weight and the pressure that it places upon the region.

Because the spine is located in the center of the back, pressure on this area may produce pain in other areas of the body that are unrelated to the back.

The bones in the feet may hurt due to excessive pressure; the overweight individual may be incapable of standing for long periods of time due to such.

There may be significant swelling in the lower extremities due to blood being incapable of properly circulating throughout the body.

If you are currently experiencing issues related to obesity - the following health tips can assist in losing those encumbering unwanted pounds.

Visit the market and if you are capable, life a twenty pound bag of pet food - or of vegetables. Many large watermelons are within this range. As a note, don't lift unless you can do such without experiencing injury.

See how much 20 pounds weighs? If you are currently that amount - or more overweight, think about the strain that this is creating on your body. Logic tells us that over time, the overload will create a breakdown in the skeletal frame, thus impacting several areas of health.

One of the best methods for losing pounds is to slash snacking from your day; in addition slash those sugary beverages.

Stick to three meals per day. The morning meal might consist of a whole grain selection, reduced fat milk and fresh fruit. For lunch, enjoy a hearty whole grain sandwich with lean proteins and low fat cheese - stuffed with fresh vegetables. For dinner, go light with a serving of soup and crackers.

And it you can't lose the weight on your own, make haste to visit with your doctor as the longer the extra pounds remain on the body, the more difficult they are to lose.


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