Beauty & the Diet Beast

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The importance of choosing foods wisely in your diet plan....

Beauty says: Weight gain - I don't know how IT happened! I mean, one little Mexican fiesta certainly wasn't enough to blow out my skirt.

Or was it? And that tiny cake...surely it wasn't enough to add any weight to my frame. Or was it? What REALLY happened at la fiesta......

Beauty leaned towards being "Diet Good" but didn't do well when dining out. At home, maintaining her trim shape was easy.

Dining Out, a Common Cause for Weight Gain

There had been a lot of dining out lately and Beauty noticed that she was beginning to fill out her clothes a bit more - in fact, a lot more. 

They were suddenly very tight. She thought back to her most recent meal - to the La Fiesta meal that she had enjoyed with Barb, Betty, Bob, Barry and BoBo last evening.

She had completely foregone the basket of warm salted tortilla chips and hot sauce, opting instead for a couple of flour tortillas. Okay, so it was three flour tortillas. Yes, and just a smidgen of butter - just three squares, or was it five?

Next, she remembered the waiter coming over to take their orders. Beauty had been so taken with his sparkly sombrero that she hadn't noticed what her friends had ordered.

But she knew what she wanted; the Mamasita platter with three cheese tacos topped with queso and Spanish rice, and a cola. And no beans either - just the rice and one of the house tamales topped with more queso. She also asked for a dish of queso on the side as this restaurant never seemed to be on the skimpy side when it came to queso. But not tonight. New manager.

Beauty's platter arrived steaming hot, drowning in queso. Everything was so warm, so delicious, particularly the queso. She ended up dipping a couple more flour tortillas into the queso dip that she'd ordered as a side dish. Lovely. Just lovely. She was so stuffed that she felt good about dessert, only enjoying one hot fried bread dipped in real honey. Oh, and a small pecan praline at the check out counter.

Oh no....there was more last evening. Beauty suddenly remembered that after dining out, she and her friends went to the movies. She remembered refusing the hot buttered popcorn because she was so stuffed with the cheese tacos.

But on the way home, they had dropped off at a quaint little tavern and she had enjoyed a soda and a tiny cake.

There had been two versions, one that the tavern had tagged 'health wise' and another that was tagged 'the full blown dessert deal'. Her friend BoBo told her that if she ordered the full dessert that he would help her eat it; only he didn't and Beauty ended up eating the entire dessert.

Dining Out Tips While Dieting

So where did Beauty go wrong when dining out?

Cutting Calories in Half OR Even by Nine-Tenth's!

Bad Diet Decision #1 - Beauty should have opted for corn tortillas over flour as they contain half the calories.

Bad Diet Decision #2 - Rather than smatter butter on the warm tortillas, Beauty should have rolled them up, then dipped them in hot sauce which contains minimal calories.

Bad Diet Decision #3 - Beauty should have ordered a la carte, opting for 1 cheese taco and some rice. Skipping the other two cheese tacos, the hot tamale, the extra queso, the hot bread and honey and the pecan praline would have made perfect diet sense.

Regular Sodas, Empty Calories Equals Zero Nutritional Values & a More Acidic Body pH Reading.

Bad Diet Decision #4 - Beauty should have also skipped the sugary soda and enjoyed either a diet soda OR unsweetened tea instead. Better yet, water and lemon.

Bad Diet Decision #5 - Beauty should have skipped the cake at the tavern, too. However, if she was determined to have cake, it should have been the lighter version.

Beauty shouldn't focus on what went wrong with her diet.

She should get right back on her plan and then eat diet wise the next time that she dines out. Moping about a diet splurge isn't going to do anything positive and will only make Beauty feel bad.

She did enjoy herself, and that's important because what's life without living? Beauty just needs to make a few adjustments and live her life a wee-bit smarter so that she will be on earth in her lively form, longer.


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