Banana Cream Diet Pie Recipe

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Can I have desserts while dieting? Does a monkey climb a tree?

Desserts sweeten up boring diets while pleasing the sweet palate.  

A good rule of thumb when creating low calorie, low fat desserts is to PICK fresh fruit at the local market rather than fashioning the sweet foundation on cakes and icing.  You'll save calories and fat while creating a Diet Masterpiece.  On that note, fresh bananas are the base of our delicious Banana Creme Diet Pie.  

The recipe came about when Tom and I had a stalk of bananas that had a few freckles popping out much faster than we had anticipated.  

Diet Pies With a Crust

While you can use a purchased pie shell (graham cracker OR regular pie dough) our recipe for the graham cracker crust will save your diet a lot of fat and calories.  Keep in mind that most calories in pie are born from the crust.

bird01_green.gif The next time that you purchase pie shells, notice how oily your hands become when working with the dough.  Although shortening creates a pliable, flaky crust, it contains a plethora of calories.  One Tablespoon of most shortening contains over 100 calories.  Given this high calorie content, a 1/8th serving of JUST contains on average close to 200 calories.

Low Calorie Graham Cracker Pie Crust Recipe

bird01_green.gif Eight FULL graham crackers contain about 60 calories each which is the total calories for our pie shell.  What a Diet Deal, eh?

Crush graham crackers into crumbs and place into a pie plate that has been sprayed with cooking spray.  Next, add a bit of Parkay no calorie butter spray and about 3 Tablespoons of Splenda OR Equal.

Work butter and sugar into the crumbs with a spoon.  As dough forms, begin to shape the crust.

Banana Creme Pie Filling Recipe

bird01_green.gif Bananas contain about 100 calories each so keep this in mind so you can calculate the calories in your pie once you are done.

We sliced 3 bananas and placed them into the bottom of the pie shell.

Next, we used sugar free, fat free JELL-O vanilla flavored instant pudding and skim milk.  Add a shot of rum extract if desired, then pour pudding over sliced bananas.

Banana Creme Pie Topping Recipe

bird01_green.gif Add Splenda to about 1 cup of LIGHT sour cream and gently incorporate.  Spread onto top of pie.

Refrigerate and serve ice cold.

Banana Creme Pie Calories

bird01_green.gif 1/8 of the pie contains about 175 calories.  Be sure to check labels on the brand of pudding used, as well as the sour cream and graham crackers to ensure that your calorie count is accurate - or as close as possible to the calorie content of the pie.

This pie is absolutely delicious.  We loved the creaminess of the pie combined with the crunch of the crust.


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