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Our diet and weight loss library is filled with thousands of original, informative self-help motivational articles written with the dieter in mind.  

Safe dieting, happy dieting, successful dieting - that's what Diet Bites is all about.

You can use our informative articles to motivate you while ditching those unhealthy pounds.

One thing is certain; we'll make dieting fun and help you achieve permanent weight loss success.

Remember, 'A happy dieter is a successful dieter and we want all of the Readers at Diet Bites to be extremely happy!'

We'll show you why fad diet plans don't work to produce permanent results; we'll show you the healthy way to lose those unwanted pounds. What about recipes that are low in fat grams and caloric values? We have a large recipe box stuffed-full and oozing over, just waiting for you to prepare them in your humble kitchen.

We also have tips that will assist in dealing with common side-effects of dieting such as hunger pains, appetite control, exercising, soreness related to such, and even tips for dealing with constipation and foul breath.

Before you know it, you'll be at your recommended ideal weight, and you'll have arrived in a safe manner.

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