Eat Breakfast & Boost Your Diet!

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Hate breakfast? Learn to like it & receive a big boost in your diet!

Many people just don't like breakfast. And if we think about it, most breakfast foods are pretty tough to face first thing in the morning; runny eggs & lumpy hot cereal.

But something truly wonderful happens when you eat breakfast.

That first bite of runny egg sets your metabolism in motion, racing to burn off calories. Your metabolism is off to the races running with that runny egg!

But breakfast doesn't have to begin with an egg; what about whole grain pancakes topped with fresh sliced sweet fruit? You can even add a shot of reduced fat whipped cream to the top - yes, the real stuff for a tiny 15 additional calories.

What about a nut-stuffed banana muffin? And speaking of bananas, they are a good source for the B-vitamins and make an excellent choice for the morning. They are also rich in potassium. And they go wonderfully-well with most hot and cold cereals.

What about an apple spread with healthy, reduced fat peanut butter - or your favorite nut butter? The nut butter adds a healthy dose of protein that will keep the appetite feeling satisfied until the noon hour arrives and the crunch of the apple works better in waking many individuals up better than coffee with caffeine.

Other fantastic choices for the morning meal include whole grain toast and a serving of fruit preserves, or an English muffin which contains a healthy spread. One of my father's diabetic-related physicians recommended that he enjoy a small whole grain bagel for breakfast. So many options - so little time.

Will Breakfast Trigger Overeating Issues?

Some people say that once they start eating, they eat all day - that breakfast only adds pounds to their frame. If you seem to have that problem, try eating something very light for breakfast, such as one piece of toast, or a small piece of fruit.

Fact is, those individuals who indeed experience issues with overeating do have issues in controlling what they eat - once they start the eating process for the day. The good news is that once those unhealthy pounds start melting off, at this point they are able to consume their morning meal and resist eating until the noon hour.

For those of you who don't have that problem, try eating a one-serving bowl of oatmeal. You'll probably feel very full until lunch time rolls around.

Other good suggestions include cream of rice, cream of wheat - or any of the whole grain cereals whether enjoyed hot or cold with skim or low fat milk.

Breakfast also adds these health benefits:

You'll be more mentally productive. You'll perform better at school, at work or at home. When performance involves school, the rewards will be better grades. When it involves work, it might mean more money via a promotion. It's all good.

You'll experience less stomach upset. Food and beverages assist in diluting and disbursing stomach acids associated with digestive disturbances.

Many breakfast foods are loaded with important vitamins & nutrients you need, especially during dieting time. There is a negative to this positive -and such is life. While whole grain foods make optimum choices at meal time, other popular breakfast foods need to be omitted or at minimal, kept under control. Examples include: donuts, Cheese Danish, honeybuns, cookies, and breakfast tarts.

In Summary

Eating breakfast will boost your metabolism and in turn boost your diet. That very first bite or swallow of food turns-on your metabolism to start the calorie burn.


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