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The Problem With Calorie Burn Charts

Before we begin, we'd like to note that exercise promotes a stronger, healthier body and any weight loss as a result of exercise is a perk!


Your Height, Your Weight

Whether you're tall with grace, or short with spice, height is one of the key factors that impacts your weight. Some tall tips to help with those weight loss 'shortfalls' (no, that's not a short joke!)...


Weight Loss Charts, Fiber

A carpenter would not even think about building a house without a chest of tools - nor would a sailor think about traveling the seas without a reliable and trustworthy vessel......


Setting Goal Weight

Its time to develop YOUR personal weight loss plan.  Yes, for some it may appear intimidating, particularly when one glances to the deep canyons lying juxtapose to The Old Weight Loss Trail.  Although the raging waters are churning do not fret as I am here to walk you safely towards your Weight Loss Goals.... 


Calorie Recommendations

The number of calories that an individual requires in their daily diet differs from one individual to the next. In fact, our bodies are so efficient that each of us require a different number of calories each and every day depending upon our current level of health, our activity level and so forth....


Ideal Body Weight

What is Ideal Body Weight?  Simply defined, it's the healthy weight that you feel most comfortable at.

You will also feel healthiest at this weight - and will tend to be resistant to disease and illness...


Determining Amount of Weight to Lose

There are several different methodologies that dieters use before launching out of the Diet Gates towards the Weight Loss Finish Line. The race is a bit like conception - all those eggs, but only one will make good. What does it take to increase your odds of weight loss? Planning - sound planning BEFORE the Weight Loss Race begins...


A New Approach to Weight Loss

There are so many things that influence the numbers on your weight scales - not just eating and exercise.

Your current weight is also influenced by climate, eating schedules, food choices, brands of food choices, personality type, genes, sex, age, height, metabolism, health - past and present, stress level, nutrient &vitamin intake, the number of children you have, dental health and work schedule...


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